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Jan. 4, 2016 (LiveActionNews) — Southwestern Women’s Options in Albuquerque, New Mexico, advertises “elective abortion through 28 weeks.” In other words, the facility, run by abortionist Curtis Boyd, offers abortions for any reason up through the seventh month of pregnancy.

Furthermore, Boyd advertises “later abortions for fetal indications.” This means that Boyd is willing to perform abortions in the eight or perhaps even the ninth month of pregnancy in cases involving fetal abnormalities.

In the second trimester, Boyd employs the standard D&E abortion procedure, in which forceps are used to dismember the fetus and remove her piece by piece from the womb. In the third trimester, however, Boyd simply gives the baby a lethal injection and then induces labor. As explained on his website, “an injection of Digoxin will … be administered to stop the fetal heart beat” and then “medications will be administered which will start labor and result in the delivery of a stillborn.” Instead of reducing the baby to a bloody mess of mangled limbs and crushed skull pieces, Boyd leaves the fetus intact.

Then, in some cases, he apparently photographs the baby he has just killed and gives the pictures to the mother.

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On his website, Boyd explains that special considerations are made for the “termination of a loved pregnancy”:

We recognize that patients carrying a baby with fetal abnormalities have specific and special needs and we have services geared especially for you. … Prior to the induction we discuss the patient’s wishes for saying goodbye to her baby and make a plan to accommodate her wishes. We offer a memory box containing a receiving blanket, footprints, a certificate of stillbirth and photos. Many women and their support choose to view the baby the day following induction. We can help with arrangements for burial or cremation.

Note that Boyd does not shy away from identifying the fetus as a “baby.” There is no nonsense here about a “clump of tissue.” Boyd freely admits he is killing a fully developed human child. According to Boyd, however, this violence is an expression of mercy. The woman who paid him to kill her disabled son or daughter has no cause for shame; she can take the pictures home and treasure them, knowing that she has made the ‘loving’ choice.

Despite this fluffy propaganda, one would be hard pressed to find any moral difference between the acts Boyd performs in his clinic and the compulsory Gnadentod (mercy death) Hitler imposed on the disabled.

Reprinted with permission from Live Action News.