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September 16, 2015 (NationalReview) — The Belgian euthanasia juggernaut continues to cut a terrible swath.

Now, a woman was euthanized shortly after she learned her daughter was dead. From the News.Com.Au story:

FIVE minutes after Simona de Moor heard her daughter had died from a heart attack, she decided she wanted to end her life, too. The 85-year-old mother, who was considered healthy by doctors and was not taking any medication, made arrangements to be quietly put to death.

What is really astonishing to me is that a reporter would watch, and merely report, about something this evil and wrong. 

“I have no doubt Simona wanted to die that day. But I can’t help but wonder if she’d feel the same in a few months when the initial shock and pain of her daughter’s death has lessened.”

Exactly. This was a heartless, profound abandonment of a suffering, despairing woman.

We are devolving into a world in which the only thing that matters is consent. No morals. No ethics. No righteousness.

This isn’t how assisted suicide/euthanasia starts. But it is where society goes–fueled by the high octane of human logic–once a society accepts killing as an acceptable answer to human suffering.

Reprinted with permission from National Review.