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Bill Nye

April 26, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – Bill Nye, the illustrious “Science Guy,” has floated support for population control on his Netflix series, specifically the idea of punishing people in the developed world for “extra kids.”

The 13th and last episode of Nye’s “Bill Nye Saves the World” is titled “Earth’s People Problem.”

And as a post at The Federalist aptly notes, “With a name like that, you know we could be in for some ideas that border on eugenics.”

“Should we have policies that penalize people for having extra kids in the developed world?” Nye asks a panel, which includes an abortionist and also the chief of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Population Development Branch.

The despicable question is posed, but not before Nye and his correspondent, Emily Calandrelli, have an exchange designed to make the point that the absence of a federally mandated maternity leave policy in America is indicative of patriarchy in U.S. society.

A glaring irony is that in trying to contrast the U.S. being substandard in terms of guaranteed government-guaranteed maternity leave, Calandrelli includes China in a list of countries that have required paid maternity leave policies.

Never mind that for decades China had a draconian one-child policy that included forced abortion and sterilization. It was replaced in 2015 with a two-child policy.

The “Earth’s People Problem” episode begins innocuously enough, The Federalist’s columnist explains, though the program hints at what’s to come by touching on how women with educational and professional opportunities typically have fewer children.

It is later during the panel discussion when Nye asks, “What should we be doing?” that the episode’s objective fully rears its ugly head.

Access to healthcare and family planning are important, says Dr. Nerys Benfield, director of Family Planning Montefiore Medical Center. Her specialties include contraception and abortion.

Explicit mention of abortion is conspicuously absent in the discussion, though the “family planning” code word is used, and contraceptive access is touted as important.

“We need justice and we need education,” UNFPA’s Dr. Rachel Snow interjects. 

Abortion and contraception supporters often use the terms “justice” and “education” to denote access and advocacy to the things for which they advocate.

The Trump administration pulled funding from the UN population agency earlier this month due to its participation in China’s coercive abortion and sterilization policy.

Another panelist, Dr. Travis Rieder, an ethicist at the Berman Institute at Johns Hopkins University, brings up the controversial climate change issue, noting that children in developed countries use 160 times more resources than those in the developing world.

And this opens the door for Nye to suggest penalizing people for having “extra kids.”

Rieder says we should “at least consider” a form of punishment for those who have “extra kids,” and Nye makes mention of considering the means to do it.

Snow does take issue with doing “anything to incentivize fewer children or more children.” And Benfield mentions the history of compulsory sterilization in the U.S., which existed as recently as the 1970s.

Benfield adds that the concept of obligatory sterilization had not been approached from a position of “justice” in the past, raising the question of whether it would now be just.

The “Earth’s People Problem” installment of Nye’s “Bill Nye Saves the World” is even worse than the series’ foray into promoting transgenderism via the Rachel Bloom “My Sex Junk” video shown in another recent episode, The Federalist post says.

Regarding Nye’s endeavoring to put limits on humanity, the columnist writes, “This whole concept and the ease with which he discusses it is so frightening and evil that I am genuinely appalled at Netflix’s decision to air it.”