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CBC’s Rex Murphy: the anti-Christian dictatorship of Justin Trudeau

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Rex Murphy, the breath of fresh air on CBC television, has penned a stinging critique of Liberal-PM-wannabe Justin Trudeau.  Training his sights on Trudeau’s recent diktat that Liberal MPs must vote ‘pro-choice,’ Murphy says, “As things now are, a truly religious person must actually stay out of politics - must forgo an active role in democratic government - because in our brazen and new age, he or she will be faced with irreconcilable moral choices.”

Joining several Canadian bishops, former Liberal MPs, and even self-professed pro-choicers, Murphy points out that Trudeau is requiring MPs “to renounce his deepest moral commitments; indeed, to go beyond renunciation and declare himself positively in favour of ideas and actions that his faith condemns, his Church forbids, and his conscience cannot abide.”

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He adds: “An understanding of politics based on an exclusion of thoughtful and engaged religious people - on the rejection of ideas and understandings offered by the great religious teachers and the massive legacy of thought our churches have to offer - is radically incomplete.”

Read Murphy’s full column at the National Post here.

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