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February 13, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — Economic blackmail and censoring  of  conservative news and information sites and organizations and their advertising clients is rapidly increasing from the giant Internet information monopolies. The conservative, Trump-supportive Breitbart news is reportedly now the target of left-wing staff at Google.

Breitbart reports,

“Previously, Google employees have contacted Breitbart News to reveal an atmosphere of indoctrination and intimidation, driven by leftist zealots at the company. Current and former employees at Google now tell us that those same zealots are trying to use the company’s immense power against Breitbart News. In addition to placing pressure on management to take action against the site, they are also working to undermine Breitbart’s reputation with advertisers.”

Breitbart has been informed by conservative staff at the tech behemoth that over 700 staff sent an open letter to senior Google management calling on the company to prevent Brietbart from gaining any income from Google ads on its site. Many conservative and other websites obtain substantial income from participating in Google’s AdSense program. Breitbart reports that it has seen a copy of the anti-Breitbart letter.

 “The open letter”, says Breitbart, “accuses Breitbart of the now very common leftist claim of “hate speech.” Brietbart goes on to note the letter from the leftist staff states,

“Googlers hold a diverse set of political, social, and economic perspectives, but respect and openness bind us together. The hate & bullying Breitbart incites toward Muslims , LGBTQ people , and women is incompatible with those shared values.”

With that wide-open, subjective description it would appear that most conservative websites should prepare to eventually be blacklisted by Google and therefore begin now to seek alternative sources of ad revenue.

Breitbart also reported that over 200 other Google staff signed a letter countering the one from the left-wing staff.

Google is additionally blackmailing at least one of Breitbart’s own advertising clients that is also a client of Google’s, by threatening that “advertising on Breitbart may impact their “brand safety.”’

A Google employee has revealed that Google senior management suddenly decided upon a new program “committed to solving the fake news problem.” The employee mused that it was notable that this decision came just 6 months after the election of Donald Trump.  Another source in Google related what has now become commonly known – the Google staff running Google’s “fake news” detection algorithms are “strongly biased.”