Ya want waffle fries with that whine?

The Northwestern University Law School chapter of the Federalist Society, a conservative/libertarian legal group, held a debate on redefining marriage. Ryan Anderson of the Heritage Foundation faced off against Northwestern Law professor Andy Koppelman. This is precisely the kind of scholarly back-and-forth any educated person – especially a law student – should experience. To encourage attendance at the noontime event, the Federalist Society offered everyone punch and pie Chick-fil-A sandwiches.

Cue the outrage.

One media source called the catering arrangements “as inappropriate as serving veal at a Hindu wedding or bacon at a Bar Mitzvah.”

“This qualifies as first-rate trolling,” according to another website, the Above the Law blog. “No one accidentally orders Chick-fil-A for that event, nor does one accidentally send out an invite eschewing the traditional 'lunch will be provided' in favor of a logo almost the same size as the description of the event.”

It was definitely not an accident, since another Federalist Society did the same thing at Duke University in 2012 – provoking the same hyperventilation.

According to the bloggers, just sending the announcement via e-mail was the same as spewing “all of your vitriol at classmates with just the click of a button.” They continued:

[W]e call on the national leadership of the Federalist Society to issue a statement disavowing the marketing decisions of the Northwestern chapter…

Since one of the biggest stories in the country is how Roger Goodell’s tepid response to wrongdoing tarnished his reputation and the reputation of the NFL, the importance of sanctioning bodies to respond swiftly and decisively to condemn negative practices that reflect on an organization is supercharged.

Oh, get a grip.

The online commentators were not as over-the-top as Northwestern's homosexual activist students and organizations, who invariably compared Chick-fil-A to the Ku Klux Klan. One group called it “hate chicken” – although to be fair, I doubt the chickens have any stance on marriage whatsoever (especially in patty form).

The homosexual group OUTLaw and the campus chapter of the Democratic Party told students, “Do not eat the provided Chick-fil-A.” (Emphasis in original.) Instead, they provided Chipotle (meat or vegetarian) at an “Alternative Food Table,” which gave LGBT students a “safe space.”

Do you need a definition of how intolerant and absurd the cultural revolutionaries have become? The Left feels a need to offer people a “safe place” to hide from a chicken sandwich.

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