Each year, tens of thousands of people participate in the inspiring Walk for Life in San Francisco. If you were one of the unlucky ones who had to miss it, however, fear not — the folks at Skeye Studios have you covered with their wicked cool new video:

According to Skeye founder Chris Kiefer, who LifeSiteNews interviewed on Tuesday, “We are a business, but we run on specific values. One of those values is respect for all life, which is why we felt this video was so important.”

“From the time of branding our company in 2013 with the slogan 'Video with a purpose,' we have sought out non-profits that are doing amazing work in our country and the world. In this particular scenario we saw an opportunity to create a promotional video that would catch the eyes of other pro-life advocates,” said Kiefer. “Everyone has been to an event before that they were passionate about, and you tell your friends about it. We knew that if we were going to do something for WFL that was going to catch peoples’ attention, it had to be unique.”

“So, rather than just shoot and edit a promo for next year's event, we decided to take on a task that was a little more daunting.”

“We wanted to shoot, edit, and upload a promotional of the walk BEFORE the walk was over,” said Kiefer. He explained that he and his employees “spent the week before strategizing and planning — how could we allocate our resources, time, and talent so that we were able to create a high-quality video that would be completed start to finish in a matter of hours. Our thinking was that lots of people share statuses, and tweet photos of the walk. But, if we could out do all of that by creating an eye-catching video that people would be proud to share, then we might have something big.”

Kiefer says they wanted to accomplish three things:

  1. “First and foremost, create something that more accurately represented the scale of the event. We wanted to help people show that the pro-life movement is alive and well.
  2. “Second, we wanted to create something flashy and engaging that people would be excited to share.
  3. “Lastly, we wanted to raise awareness for our company, and the work that we are doing.”

The equipment used is mind-boggling in its complexity. This is what Kiefer told us they used:

  • 1 remote-controlled quadcopter (weighing < 2.5lbs) to capture low-altitude aerial video and photos
  • 2 DSLR Cameras
  • 2 MacBook Pros
  • 6 SD Cards
  • 2 GoPro cameras
  • 1 shoulder rig
  • 1 tripod & slider
  • 2 cameramen (Anthony Johnson & Jacob Spence)
  • 1 drone pilot (Chris Kiefer)
  • 1 spotter (Sandy Johnson)

“We are committed to working with companies that are spiritually driven, and ambitious,” Kiefer said. “I firmly believe that you become who you associate yourself with. So, if we want to change the world, we need to surround ourselves with businesses, organizations, and people that are already doing so.”