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Tucker Carlson

June 1, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — Fox News’ Tucker Carlson criticized a federal judge on his show yesterday for censoring an undercover video of what really happens on the inside of a secretive abortion conference. He floated the idea of “civil disobedience,” suggesting that Americans should watch the video since they have a “right to know the truth.” 

“I’m not advocating for this, because I don’t think I can in my role as this host of the show, but if there was ever a time for civil disobedience it seems like some might think this would be the time, because you have an absolute right to say what you think is true and present evidence that it’s true,” he said during his interview with Live Action president Lila Rose. 

Carlson called the video “raw” and “grotesque”. 

The video “shows attendees at the National Abortion Federation convention sharing their frank thoughts about abortion, and it’s not like the rhetoric you hear in public. It’s raw, and it’s what they really think. At one point, a Planned Parenthood employee says, ‘The fetus is a tough little object and taking it apart, I mean taking it apart in day one, is very difficult.’ Ugh,” he said. 

“Elsewhere, a member of the consortium of abortion providers says this, ‘An eyeball just fell down into my lap, and that is gross!’ And the comment gets laughter from her audience. That’s how grotesque it is,” he added. 

Rose agreed with Carlson about the rawness of the video.

“This is the National Abortion Federation and Planned Parenthood's own trade show. This is where they get together and they talk about what they do every day. Planned Parenthood commits 900 abortions every day in this country. That's 900 little boys and girls killed by abortion by Planned Parenthood every day,” she said.

Rose said that the fact that the abortion organizations asked Judge William Orrick to order that the video be taken down “shows us that they are very afraid of what's on these tapes.”

“The callous laughter about the abortion procedure, about tearing apart a child's legs, taking the legs off from the naval when they are delivering the child. That discussion by Planned Parenthood abortionists on the tapes. Their discussion of the head getting stuck in the cervix and complaining about the abortion procedure…I mean horrific. So difficult to hear,” she said. 

“But this is exactly what the public should hear, Tucker, because Planned Parenthood, the very abortionists that are laughing about what they are doing on these tapes, are receiving a half $1 billion dollars ever single year from taxpayers,” she added. 

Tucker said the video strips away the “rhetoric” from abortion. 

“So, I mean, this is very far from the soothing rhetoric of ‘choice’ and ‘your body’ and all that stuff. I mean these are people who are acknowledging what they're doing which is taking a human life,” he said. 

Rose said that the judge ordering David Daleiden and his lawyers to take down the video has snowballed into a “chilling effect right now on journalism that is opposing the viewpoint on abortion.”

“It appears that social media companies, as well, are fulfilling the order,” she said. 

“YouTube took it down over the weekend, Twitter just sent me a notice yesterday. We had it up on my feed on my Twitter feed. They took it down.”

“If you don't agree with abortion, you want to expose what abortion is, and actually use the own words of abortionists then you are going to have to tangle with courts, you're going to have to tangle with attorneys general — like in California what David is tangling with — you're going to have to tangle with social media executives who don't want your stuff on channels on YouTube and on Twitter,” she said.