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‘Generation Wendy’? Wendy Davis is selling baby clothes to raise campaign cash

Davis is best known for her 11-hour filibuster against a bill banning abortions after 20 weeks - the point when unborn babies can feel pain.
Thu Aug 21, 2014 - 10:57 am EST
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Wendy Davis, best known for her opposition to banning abortion after babies can feel pain, is raising campaign funds by selling baby clothes. Her online store now offers a “Wendy Davis onesie” for a $25 contribution to her gubernatorial race.

The latest merchandising pitch from Davis displays “her callous and shameless disregard for her own actions,” according to Texas Right to Life.

“The same Wendy Davis who fought belligerently against protecting pain-capable Texas babies susceptible to late-term abortions wants Texas parents to parade their babies around wearing her slogan across their bellies,” the group said.

The infant apparel is available in two separate designs. The more feminine design says, “Generation Wendy.”

“Let everyone know that you're raising the next generation of Texas Democrats with this Wendy Davis onesie,” the product description says.

Texas Right to Life is less than impressed. “Generation Wendy would mean that, even if they were developed enough to feel excruciating pain, they could be killed for the sake of their parents’ convenience,” they said. 

Other campaign-approved gear proclaims “Women for Wendy,” “LGBT for Wendy,” “African-Americans for Wendy,” “Latinos for Wendy,” and, curiously, “Dogs for Wendy.”

Davis shot to national recognition after an 11-hour filibuster against Texas's 20-week abortion ban last June. Pro-abortion advocates look at the speech as a galvanizing moment, although it merely delayed the bill's passage by a few weeks. Still, they commemorated the one-year anniversary on June 25.

After the speech, Davis made a national speaking sweep of feminist events, where she defended abortion-on-demand in outspoken terms. Abortion, she said, is “sacred ground” that gives women “liberty” to choose their future.

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Since becoming the Democratic candiate for governor, she has tried to play down her abortion views to appear more in line with conservative Texas voters. She told an audience in Brownsville, “I am pro-life.” Her campaign later tried to walk back the statement.

But despite these efforts to sanitize her image, polls show her losing among female voters.

Today, her campaign is floundering after holes emerged in her autobiography, calling into question her image as a poor, single mother who lived in a trailer before entering the state senate. Her ex-husband, Jeff Davis, has also said he found it “ironic” that she left him the day after he paid off her last student loan to Harvard Law School.

The Democratic Party has essentially written Davis off in her bid to become the first Democrat elected governor in 20 years. Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin, the chairman of the Democratic Governors Association, said in April, “We’re hopeful in Texas, but we’ll be candid about the fact that we all understand Democrats haven’t won Texas in a long time.”

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