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(LiveActionNews) – What is a preborn baby? If you ask someone working at NARAL or Planned Parenthood, they’ll say that it’s just a clump of cells, a product of conception, or some other similarly dehumanizing term to deny the preborn child his humanity.

If you ask just about any other person what is growing in a pregnant woman’s womb, the answer is almost always simple and immediate: a baby. The lives of the preborn killed by abortion were stolen from children who had beating hearts, faces, and futures.

A heart-wrenching new video from Pro-Life Texas puts faces to those stolen lives and details the life they lost because they were aborted.

Perhaps the most heartbreaking moment comes at the end when the little girl implores the viewer to “fight for me.” What kind of lives could those 57 million preborn children have led if their parents had been willing to fight for them? How different could our world have been?

This video may cause a few more to think about preborn children as the living human beings that they are – human beings who just have not been born yet and have lives still waiting to be lived. What moments would be stolen away? Why can’t we fight to give these children the right to experience something both as simple and profound as life?

Reprinted with permission from LiveActionNews