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Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakleyhttp://mass.gov

Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley, who in 2007 testified in favor of the abortion buffer zone law that was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court this year, is a celebrated protector of children, a new ad claims.

In response to an aggressive third-party ad attacking Coakley's record related to alleged corruption at the Department of Children and Families, the Mass Independent Expenditure Political Action Committee decided to depict a kinder, gentler Coakley.

The ad — seen here — is aptly described by The Boston Globe as follows:

In the new 30-second spot from Mass Independent Expenditure Political Action Committee, a female narrator lauds Coakley as a “prochoice attorney general” who championed tough legislation against domestic violence, put “pedophiles behind bars” as a district attorney, and pushed for legislation to keep them in prison longer as attorney general.

“Leadership that we can count on,” the narrator says in the spot.

That's right, folks! Leadership Massachusetts can count on. The kind of leadership that stands against the First Amendment for political and cultural opponents — like those who oppose abortion. The kind of leadership that, according to OnTheIssues.org, believes that pro-life Catholics should not work in emergency rooms. The kind of leadership that stands with NARAL and Planned Parenthood, whose pockets are lined with money earned through the killing of children and the devastation of their mothers.

Martha Coakley: Standing with children, as long as they are fully out of the womb. (Yep — Coakley even supports an exception to banning partial-birth abortions.)