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March 1, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — LGBTQ activists have long ago moved past cries for “tolerance” to demands that their aberrant behaviors and ever-expanding array of “queer” identities be celebrated in all aspects of life. That includes religion — in defiance of orthodox doctrines on sexual sin.

So we should hardly be surprised that this year a “faith-based LGBTQ-focused organization” operating under the name of “Parity” is subverting the true spiritual meaning of Ash Wednesday

As Buzzfeed reports, the “Glitter Ash” campaign “is mixing traditional ashes with purple glitter this year in a show of solidarity with LGBT Christians — and they’re encouraging congregations all over to do the same.”

“This is a way for queer Christians and queer-positive persons of faith to say, ‘We are here,'” said Marian Edmonds-Allen, Parity’s executive director, in a Religion News Service piece about the “Glitter Ash” stunt. “It is also a way for other people to be a witness to that and be in solidarity with them.”

Edmonds-Allen is a practicing lesbian “minister” celebrating behaviors historically regarded as sinful by Judeo-Christian teachings (see RobGagnon.net and the Catechism of the Catholic Church).

Extolling one’s sin is the antithesis of “reverence.”

What we have is yet another LGBT-leftist mockery of Christianity and committed people of faith who rightly and humbly seek forgiveness for their sin, rather than try to justify it.

From the “Glitter Ash” website:

“Ashes are a statement that death and suffering are real.

“Glitter is a sign of our hope, which does not despair.

“Glitter signals our promise to repent, to show up, to witness, to work.

“Glitter never gives up — and neither do we.

“Glitter is an inextricable element of queer history. It is how we have displayed our gritty, scandalous hope. We make ourselves fabulously conspicuous, giving offense to the arbiters of respectability that allow coercive power to flourish.”

Where is the “repentance” when one is symbolically wearing one’s sin proudly on their forehead? And note the slam at the Church supposedly enabling “coercive power.”

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LGBTQ activists specialize in redefining good words and inventing new ones to justify and rationalize their lifestyle. I suppose repentance now has something to do with rejecting societal “transphobia,” or “religious-based discrimination” (against LGBTQ people), or opposing “marriage equality” (homosexual “marriage”) — to quote a few of the terms used by “progressive Christians” to denigrate those who oppose sin, rather than sin itself.

The antidote to lies is truth. LifeSiteNews managing editor Patrick Craine reminds us of the true meaning of Ash Wednesday — a “call to deep humility,” rather than “social justice” mumbo-jumbo — through the words of 19th century French Benedictine monk and priest, Dom Prosper Guéranger, who said: 

“The enemies we have to fight with, are of two kinds: internal, and external. The first are our passions; the second are the devils. Both were brought on us by pride, and man's pride began when he refused to obey his God.”

Pride, indeed. In recent years, leftist “faith” organizations have proliferated as a tactic to counter the authority of religious conservative groups that oppose homosexuality as a sin that can be overcome, in line with historic Christian teachings.

The New York-based Parity group sprang from Presbyterians’ Welcome, which advocated for accepting homosexuality in the (liberal-leaning) Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).