Last week, LifeSiteNews' Editor-in-Chief, John-Henry Westen, appeared on The Rick Amato Show to discuss something most social conservatives in America want to avoid: engaging with pop culture on the culture wars.

In fact, according to Westen, “we've gotta actually talk sex” to bring about cultural change in America.

“The amount of STIs…in the homosexual community, in the promiscuous community, are massive,” said Westen. “In fact, we have new studies to show that there's only one form of healthy sexuality — more healthy, in fact, than never having sex at all.”

“That is: The lifelong, loving union between one man and one woman.”

Amato, who has encouraged social conservatives — and conservatives in general – to engage with the culture rather than retreat from it, agreed. “I'm an advocate for what you just said….[t]he right needs to embrace pop culture.”

Check out Westen’s full appearance here: