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LITTLE ROCK, Arkansas, June 28, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – Less than 24 hours after it was erected, a man yelled “freedom!” as he smashed his car into a privately-funded monument to the Ten Commandments at the Arkansas Capitol. 

The monument, which the American Civil Liberties Union and other leftists promised to challenge in court, had been approved for installation in May.

A shaky video, originally from Facebook live, appears to show a view from the car as the man crashed into the 6,000-pound monument. The Associated Press reported that Michael Tate Reed “was booked in the Pulaski County jail shortly after 7:30 a.m. on preliminary charges of defacing objects of public interest, criminal trespass and first-degree criminal mischief.” 

In the video, Reed rants against President Trump and the Dakota pipeline. He was arrested in 2014 for destroying another Ten Commandments monument in Oklahoma. He claims to believe in Jesus but also says he is upset by lack of separation between church and state.

The above video shows the monument as it was installed.

State Sen. Jason Rapert said he was concerned about the “root of hatred in someone's heart that would cause them to drive what may be hundreds of miles … to carry out an act of violence.” 

He said there is a need for accountability when it comes to the anti-Christian rhetoric that was used against the monument.