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Michael Sam: Maybe the NFL cut me because I’m gay

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The homophobes are everywhere in the NFL. Just ask Michael Sam, a top college football player who wasn't quite good enough to make the cut in this year's NFL season, but was good, or famous, or famously gay, or something enough, to be GQ's Man of the Year:

The athlete won the award despite having not yet played an on-season game in the NFL. He was cut from the Rams squad in August, but was later picked for a Dallas Cowboys practice team, only to be dropped again in October. 

When asked by TMZ why he thought he was not on the roster of an NFL team, Sam said; 'I think I was the SEC Defensive Player of the Year last year ... so I don't think it had to do with talent.'

Oh, wait. Did I say Sam was a football player? I meant to note that he came out as a homosexual man in college and would have been the first openly homosexual player in the NFL had he made the cut. He also said that he wanted to be judged on his abilities as a player, but invited a camera crew over to his house during the NFL draft, where he kissed his boyfriend on-camera, and nearly did a reality show with Oprah.

But it was his football skills he wanted people to focus on.

Fortunately, Sam realized his "error," and went to Twitter to "clarify" what he meant:

He wrote: 'Despite what headlines you may read, I’ve never said and have never believed that I am being kept out of the league.

'I know I have talent to play in the NFL and I look forward to getting an opportunity once again to prove that I can help a team win.' 

Hey, did Tim Tebow ever win GQ's Man of the Year award? He actually did play in the NFL, and brought his first team to the playoffs. Since it's pretty clear Sam is getting the award for helping to make homosexuality a social norm -- something many in the GQ crowd consider good for society -- I wonder if Tebow's ever done anything to help society.

Oh, that's right. He has. Quite often. But I guess living out one's Christian values in a way that empowers people is less cool with the GQ crowd than coming out as gay and using it for self-promotion.

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