NARAL Pro-Choice America has released a new ad likening the Susan B. Anthony List to a man groping a woman's genitals against her will.

The ad is part of a battle NARAL and SBA List have launched in North Carolina over the candidacy of U.S. Sen. Kay Hagan, an embattled pro-abortion Democrat. The NARAL spot describes the SBA List as “a radical, right-wing political action committee.”

“They're as anti-woman as it gets,” the ad says.

After including multiple comments from pro-life politicians about rape, the ad ends by showing an antique picture of a man placing his hands up a woman's skirt.

“By including this disturbing picture in the ad, NARAL is shamefully trying to compare the SBA List's pro-life efforts to sexual abuse,” Cortney O'Brien wrote at Townhall.com. “How sad that NARAL has to stoop to such shameful levels to attack pro-lifers.”

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“Surely the images of abortion's aftermath would be even more disturbing than those NARAL chose to utilize,” she added, noting that SBA List instead created an ad focusing on a woman who chose to keep her baby.