I wonder if they’ll hire Satan worshipers to provide background chanting?

Troopers check for urine, feces, used tampons Wendy Davis abortion filibusterOr distribute gift bags full of feces, urine, and used tampons as door prizes?

A party marking the one-year anniversary of Wendy Davis’s filibuster of an omnibus abortion bill in Texas offers so many possibilities.

And that’s exactly what is planned. According to the Corpus Christi Caller Times today:

AUSTIN – Abortion rights advocates and providers, and the governor’s race campaigns of state Sen. Wendy Davis, D-Fort Worth, are planning to commemorate the one year anniversary of Davis’ 2013 filibuster against abortion legislation.

The filibuster rocketed Davis to stardom, although the abortion legislation, increasing standards, regulations and restrictions, returned to pass in a special session.

Details to come.

Can’t wait. Yes, on June 25 it will have been one year since Davis’s 11-hour filibuster attempting to block sweeping pro-life legislation that included a ban on abortions after 20 weeks.

infant pink tennis shoes representing babies saved despite Wendy Davis abortion filibusterAnother party idea: little pink tennis shoes for all the babies who should have been murdered but weren’t, because the ban was enacted anyway despite the best efforts of Davis, Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards, and their vulgar, venomous band of feminist thugs.

RH Reality Check is calling for the “orange army” to submit memories of that apparently awesome day.

But it’s pretty sad when all abortion proponents have to reminisce about is a LOSING effort.

Abortion restrictions enacted in Texas despite Wendy Davis filibuster

Thanks to that law, which also enacted clinic regulations, the number of abortion clinics in Texas has plummeted from 41 in 2010 to 19 now – and headed down to six when the statute takes full effect on September 1.

LifeNews.com makes a good point that while Davis resents the moniker “Abortion Barbie,” given to her by Erick Erickson, “it’s hard to image why she’d be so upset when she now is hosting a fundraiser to celebrate her abortion infamy.” It’s true. Click on the link…

Reprinted with permission from JillStanek.com.