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Planned Parenthood CEO: ‘obscene’ of Trump to ask us to give up abortions to keep our funding

Cecile Richards defiantly told supporters that 'Planned Parenthood doesn't respond to bullying.'
Mon Mar 13, 2017 - 10:12 am EST
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Claire Chretien / LifeSiteNews

March 13, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – President Trump's offer to continue Planned Parenthood's federal funding if it stops committing abortions is "obscene and insulting," the organization's president said in an email to supporters on Saturday.

"Planned Parenthood doesn't respond to bullying," Cecile Richards wrote. "President Trump's offer to not 'defund' Planned Parenthood health centers if we turn our backs on people seeking abortion is obscene and insulting. It's also a sign that he knows just how unpopular it would be to block millions of people" from using Medicaid at Planned Parenthood instead of non-abortion health centers.

Richards wrote that Planned Parenthood is "doing everything we can to stop" the Republican Obamacare replacement bill.

Screenshot from Planned Parenthood's March 11 email to supporters.

"It blocks people on Medicaid from using their insurance at Planned Parenthood health centers, threatening access to care for millions of people," she wrote.

"I've said this is the fight of our lives ... and I mean it," Richards' nervous email continuned. "At no time in Planned Parenthood's 100-year history have our patients' access to care been so threatened. At no time have lawmakers tried to divide us and turn us against each other as much as they are right now."

"Make an emergency gift to protect Planned Parenthood patients' access to life-changing care," the email suggested. Yes, the "care" Planned Parenthood provides is "life-changing," all right – and life-ending for its preborn human patients.  

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