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Planned Parenthood is causing Miami vice with its anti-Zika efforts

Spreading the word about the virus is more a business move than a humanitarian effort for the abortion provider.
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Claire Chretien By Claire Chretien

Claire Chretien By Claire Chretien

MIAMI, Florida, August 30, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — Employees of the nation’s largest abortion chain are canvassing Miami neighborhoods to warn residents about Zika.

Planned Parenthood, which last summer the Center for Medical Progress revealed sells aborted baby body parts, is sending canvassers around Miami to talk to people about Zika.

"This is a natural extension of the work we do with reproductive health care and sexually-transmitted infections," Planned Parenthood’s chief medical officer Dr. Christopher Estes told NPR. "It just made sense. And this is a time of a public health crisis.”

If pregnant Floridians contract Zika, Planned Parenthood will be there to abort their babies lest they have a birth defect! If Floridians need low-grade condoms, Planned Parenthood will be there to supply them! If Floridians need inaccurate information about women’s health, Planned Parenthood will be there to educate them!

It’s hard to imagine how Planned Parenthood could help solve a public health crisis when the abortion chain itself is a public health crisis. 

Be careful, Florida women — Planned Parenthood wants your money and they don’t care if in the process they expose you to filthy medical equipment, sketchy abortionists, and permanent physical harm. To Planned Parenthood, each woman is a potential abortion client and their babies’ body parts are a potential profit.

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