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Planned Parenthood New Orleans building contractor fined for violations, work stopped

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By Jill Stanek

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unnamed (1)

Two contractors have been cited for violations in Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast’s latest woe while attempting to construct a new abortion clinic in New Orleans.

The State of Louisiana has fined Barre McNeely Investments, LLC, a total of $2,500 for falsely completing state forms. Company owner Larry McNeely wrote “BMI, LLC” on all permits and contracts in an apparent attempt to hide his company’s identity. But it is illegal to use other than a company’s licensed name on state documents.

Barre was also cited for hiring an unlicensed subcontractor, Quality Diamond Products, which was fined a total of $4,500.

The Planned Parenthood building project has been plagued by setbacks since its launch, thanks in large part to New Orleans’ pro-life community.

The Catholic Archbishop of New OrleansMost Rev. Gregory Aymond (pictured right), dealt a huge blow in January when he published a letter in the Clarion Herald threatening to blacklist “every person or organization” involved in building the abortion mill.

When Planned Parenthood kicked off construction in May 2013, at a church no less, it projected the 7-8,000 sq ft building would cost $4.2 million and be up and running by now.

permit filed with the City of New Orleans showed Planned Parenthood originally scheduled a final inspection for August 18, meaning this was the date it projected the building to be completed.

That isn’t going to happen.

Fox8 reported in January 2014 “the lot sits untouched” eight months after Planned Parenthood’s big ceremonial ground-breaking, this apparently because it had trouble finding anyone to build its chop shop.

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Planned Parenthood finally got something started in April, but the project has made little progress since then. Fox8 reported on August 20 there had been no work done for “several weeks.”

Planned Parenthood’s sign now says it will open in early 2015…

Planned Parenthood New Orleans abortion clinic contractor cited for violations

We all hope and pray not.

Planned Parenthood Louisiana and its parent affiliate, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, are hot messes at present.

Only last week PPL’s state director, Melissa Flournoy, pictured right, had to resign after making racist statements.

In 2013 the Louisiana state legislature directed several departments to launch an investigation after PPGC was fined $4.3 million for Medicaid fraud in Texas. While the Legislative Auditor found no wrong-doing, investigations by the Department of Health and Inspector General are ongoing.

In November 2013 Planned Parenthood Louisiana voluntarily reimbursed the state $33,739.13 after conducting “a self-audit in which they determined that one of their nurses had been writing and issuing prescriptions without proper authority,” according to Alliance Defending Freedom.

That’s called covering one’s behind.

Here’s one final shot, courtesy of Louisiana Coalition for Life, of Planned Parenthood’s New Orleans junkyard at present. May it stay this way…

2014-07-26 12.04.19

Reprinted with permission from Jill Staneks blog.

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Kristi Burton Brown

‘I think about my baby every day’: Meet 6 women who regret their abortions

Kristi Burton Brown
By Kristi Burton Brown

(Live Action News) -- 1) Megz

“And even though I know I’ve found healing, I think about my baby every day. I wonder what he would look like. I wonder what he would like to play with. I wonder what his voice would sound like. My baby would have turned eight this past fall.”

A turning point for Megz came when she learned the facts about fetal development – that, as she said, at 7 weeks, her baby already had fingers, toes, ears, a beating heart, and more. She recognized that her baby had never just been a bunch of cells. He was always her baby, at every moment.

Megz’s story illustrates the devastation that abortion clinics bring to women by failing to fully inform them about the humanity of their preborn children. Investigative videos have caught clinic staff and counselors blatantly lying to women about their babies’ development.

Megz’s video was put on YouTube in January of 2015, and she writes this in the description:

You never know who may need to see it…it’s all about the hope! This video was made to be shown in public schools so it is missing the most important part of the story – that none of the healing I’ve received would have been possible without the love of Jesus! So thankful!

2) Our Painful Stories

This video, made by Virtue Media, features four women who discuss their true abortion experiences in four minutes. Virtue Media’s goal is “a minute of education, a lifetime of hope.”

This video can also be seen in Spanish here.

3) Samantha

Even though this young woman seems to come to the wrong conclusion that, if the woman wants the abortion, it might be okay, her video is incredibly powerful. Many women who thought they wanted an abortion share in her pain. (Find hundreds of their stories here.) And, regardless of whether the mother wants it or not, abortion always takes an innocent baby’s life.

Samantha writes, under her video:

…Trust me when I say it kills me everyday to know what I did and that my baby could be just over 6 months old now. It effected my BF too and he’s the one that pushed it. It’s hurt both of us more than we thought a single person could hurt.

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If you, like Samantha, are feeling pressured into an abortion, check out this articlethis one, and this one. Here is what one young woman wrote, after choosing life for her baby, even with opposition from her boyfriend and her parents:

I know your scared. I was so scared and my ex wouldnt even let me tell my friends. I felt so alone, but when I finaly told them I got so much support and my best friend even went with me to tell my parents. Sometimes you need that buffer. … I would at least listen to your baby’s heart beat. That literally changed my mind completely. …

I even went with my ex-boyfriend (the father of my daughter) to the first appointment to get an abortion. But as soon as I heard her heart beat I knew I couldn’t do it. My boyfriend pressured me but I knew that no matter what even if I gave her up for adoption at least she would be alive. … I didn’t want my mom to know either and I hid my pregnecy from my parents actually till about a few weeks ago. (I’m 6 months pregent now). It didn’t go well, so I understand how hard it is. I’m not even on speaking terms with my parents. But at least I know that my daughter will have my love no matter what. My ex is barely in the picture only coming around when he feels like it. The are places that can help you. My advice would be to at least hear your baby’s heart beat. Belive me it is probably the most amazing thing I have ever experienced and the reason I am now going to raise my daughter on my own with out my parents or her dad. …

For anyone who is seeking healing after an abortion, visit to find a center or program in your area, or even just a person to talk to.

If you’re considering an abortion and want answers, help, or someone to talk with, send an email or chat online with or call Pregnancy Line at 866-88-WOMAN.

Reprinted with permission from Live Action News. 

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Laurie Burk with her grandson
Susan Michelle Tyrell

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Grandma pleaded with her daughter not to abort her grandchild: then a true miracle happened

Susan Michelle Tyrell
By Susan Michelle Tyrell
Baby Carson

(Live Action News) - Laurie Burk’s life changed at 19 when she had an abortion. But that abortion was also a turning point for the life of her daughter. And today she is a grandmother of a child that almost wasn’t born.

Burk was 19 when she found out she was pregnant. As she cried, realizing how alone she was as a college student without family nearby, her doctor placed a piece of paper in her hand; it held the number of an Iowa City, IA abortion clinic. And soon after, she was a patient in that clinic, having an abortion.

“I went by myself and denied any pain medication during the process as I felt I needed to feel what I was about to do.  I asked them to stop at least 3-4 times (not because of the pain but because I knew I was making a mistake and wanted my baby) and finally was told there was no stopping from that moment on.”

But the pain would last beyond that day. It was the day, Laurie says, when she “lost a piece of [her] soul.”

“I went home and stayed in the fetal position in my bed for three days, not being able to move, weak and bleeding.  I recovered from ‘the procedure’ physically, but a part of me also died that day that I will never get back.”

Eventually, in her late twenties, Laurie had three children. But her abortion never left her.  “I hid this terrible secret of mine for years and never even told my husband until we were married for years,” she said. And then she told her children. Knowing they might become sexually active, she felt they needed to know her story so they would not end up in the place she had been. She said, “They have always been grateful to me for sharing with them such a deep and devastating part of my past.”

And then it went from gratitude to saving a life. In 2012, Burk’s daughter, who was 18, came to her; she was pregnant. She told Burk she was going to abort her baby—and then she left the house without further discussion. But Burk wasn’t done.

“I rallied my family, we all talked to her and told her how we felt about her pregnancy and how we would feel if she had an abortion.  We mostly prayed.”

Still Burk’s daughter insisted she was going to abort and left again.

“I didn’t hear from her again for a week and I didn’t know what she had done if anything at all.  One night out of the blue, she called in the middle of the night and asked if I had been praying for her and her baby.  I answered yes. . . we all were.  She said she had woke up sweating profusely and heard a voice within her heart that she couldn’t explain saying ‘you are not to kill my child.’ She said, ‘mom, I can’t kill my baby, I’m going to have it.’”

“God had directly intervened to bring this beautiful baby boy into our lives and I am positive He has a plan for him. “

Carson Pierre Anthony Millett turned two on Thursday, and is bringing joy to the whole family.

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But Burk also knows that even this life can’t replace the one she lost:

“I still regret what I did when I killed my child and there is a part of my heart and soul that died with that baby.  I know God has forgiven me, but I have a much harder time forgiving myself.  I hold on to the fact that God will hopefully someday place that baby in my arms and allow me to meet him or her. ”

Besides helping her daughter, she has tried to help other young women avoid the grave mistake she made. She has tried to be sure other young women who have had abortions know there is life afterwards. But she also says she never downplays the emotional toll abortion will have on them “most likely have on them the rest of their lives.”

Little Carson is a light, a reminder of hope and redemption. And Burk is grateful for God’s forgiveness and the work of pro-lifers who try to educate and help abortion-minded women. She doesn’t want anyone to lose a baby—or a piece of her soul—because of abortion.

Reprinted with permission from Live Action News

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John Jalsevac John Jalsevac Follow John

Stunning photo of baby miscarried at just 7 weeks gestation goes viral on Facebook

John Jalsevac John Jalsevac Follow John
By John Jalsevac

Think a fetus at just 7 weeks gestation (before some women even know they're pregnant!) is just a "blob of tissue"? That's what many abortion clinic workers would tell women who come in to their clinics to abort babies even much further along than that.

But try telling that to David Raphael, the beautifully formed unborn baby in a photo that has gone mega-viral on Facebook after former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson shared the photo on her page.

Johnson, who is now pro-life, and has over 130,000 followers on her page, wrote: "I wanted to share this beautiful image and story with you. We are indeed created in His image. Thank you to this beautiful mother for courageously sharing her story with all of us."

She then shared the following account from the baby's mother:

I had a miscarriage on Palm Sunday last year. We think he was a boy and named him David Raphael. My only prayer when the doctor told me at 11 weeks that my baby had died a month earlier (at 7 weeks gestation), was that I would have something to bury. The doctor said he would either be too small to find or that his fragile body would be crushed in the miscarriage process and there wouldn't be anything left. On Palm Sunday afternoon he came out. The entire sac was in tact and there he was still floating in the amniotic water. I took a picture so I wouldn't forget that moment and how God answered my prayer. I think it would be an amazing photo to show people contemplating abortion. Even though he was only 7 weeks when he died, you can see his little arms and legs forming. My 4 year old was looking through my phone when I wasn't looking one day and found the picture. He came up to me with it and asked me whose baby it was. Even a child can tell that at 7 weeks, the fetus is a little person.

Since Johnson shared the photo on her page, it has been "liked" almost 500,000 times, and "shared" over 160,000 times!

Read: The ultrasound that changed my life - Abby Johnson’s pro-life conversion in her own words

After some people who support abortion complained to Johnson that the photo was "disgusting," she wrote the following: 

Abortion supporters have been up in arms because of the picture I posted of a 7 week old miscarried baby. They have said it's "gross" and "disgusting" and that no one should have to look at something like that.

Well abortion supporters, here's something you need to know. Inside of every abortion facility across this country, aborted babies are reassembled by a POC technician (products of conception).

So if you don't support people looking at these images, then maybe you shouldn't support abortion. If it's not okay for you to look at, then you should also be concerned for the abortion facility workers who look at this every day.


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