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Planned Parenthood New Orleans building contractor fined for violations, work stopped

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By Jill Stanek

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Two contractors have been cited for violations in Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast’s latest woe while attempting to construct a new abortion clinic in New Orleans.

The State of Louisiana has fined Barre McNeely Investments, LLC, a total of $2,500 for falsely completing state forms. Company owner Larry McNeely wrote “BMI, LLC” on all permits and contracts in an apparent attempt to hide his company’s identity. But it is illegal to use other than a company’s licensed name on state documents.

Barre was also cited for hiring an unlicensed subcontractor, Quality Diamond Products, which was fined a total of $4,500.

The Planned Parenthood building project has been plagued by setbacks since its launch, thanks in large part to New Orleans’ pro-life community.

The Catholic Archbishop of New OrleansMost Rev. Gregory Aymond (pictured right), dealt a huge blow in January when he published a letter in the Clarion Herald threatening to blacklist “every person or organization” involved in building the abortion mill.

When Planned Parenthood kicked off construction in May 2013, at a church no less, it projected the 7-8,000 sq ft building would cost $4.2 million and be up and running by now.

permit filed with the City of New Orleans showed Planned Parenthood originally scheduled a final inspection for August 18, meaning this was the date it projected the building to be completed.

That isn’t going to happen.

Fox8 reported in January 2014 “the lot sits untouched” eight months after Planned Parenthood’s big ceremonial ground-breaking, this apparently because it had trouble finding anyone to build its chop shop.

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Planned Parenthood finally got something started in April, but the project has made little progress since then. Fox8 reported on August 20 there had been no work done for “several weeks.”

Planned Parenthood’s sign now says it will open in early 2015…

Planned Parenthood New Orleans abortion clinic contractor cited for violations

We all hope and pray not.

Planned Parenthood Louisiana and its parent affiliate, Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, are hot messes at present.

Only last week PPL’s state director, Melissa Flournoy, pictured right, had to resign after making racist statements.

In 2013 the Louisiana state legislature directed several departments to launch an investigation after PPGC was fined $4.3 million for Medicaid fraud in Texas. While the Legislative Auditor found no wrong-doing, investigations by the Department of Health and Inspector General are ongoing.

In November 2013 Planned Parenthood Louisiana voluntarily reimbursed the state $33,739.13 after conducting “a self-audit in which they determined that one of their nurses had been writing and issuing prescriptions without proper authority,” according to Alliance Defending Freedom.

That’s called covering one’s behind.

Here’s one final shot, courtesy of Louisiana Coalition for Life, of Planned Parenthood’s New Orleans junkyard at present. May it stay this way…

2014-07-26 12.04.19

Reprinted with permission from Jill Staneks blog.

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John Jalsevac John Jalsevac Follow John

Planned Parenthood CEO complains new video shows ‘lack of compassion.’ She’s totally right.

John Jalsevac John Jalsevac Follow John
By John Jalsevac

This morning, tens of thousands of viewers were horrified to see a video, shot inside a Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Texas, showing workers sorting through body parts of a dismembered 20-week gestation baby - body parts that the abortion giant sells to interested biomedical companies.

The video includes clear imagery of a tiny hand, clenched gently in a fist, attached to a dismembered arm. Two feet attached to dismembered legs swim amidst the baby's intestines.

It's gruesome. It's hard to watch. It's infuriating. It gives the lie to the abortion industry's claims that the unborn baby is just a "blob of tissue." 

So what does Planned Parenthood have to say, now that their barbaric practice of killing and dismembering babies for money has been exposed? Surely they must be embarrassed.

Check out this response from Melaney Linton, President & CEO of Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, in whose facility the video was shot: “The latest tape shows an extremely offensive intrusion and lack of respect for women, with footage of medical tissue in a lab. These extremists show a total lack of compassion and dignity for women’s most personal medical decisions.”

Dear Ms. Linton: Not only have you completely missed the point, but if there's anything "offensive" about the video, or anything that demonstrates a "total lack of compassion," it's the fact that it shows a dead baby being dismembered and sold for money.

And are you really going to try to pull the "medical tissue" line on us at this stage of the game? We've all seen the video Melaney! What kind of "medical tissue" has fully intact arms and legs?

Ironically, today's video comes days after Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast shared a meme on Facebook in response to the state's investigation of the abortion giant. "Planned Parenthood health centres in Texas do not currently participate in fetal tissue donation or research. There is nothing to investigate," it stated.

That's kind of awkward. Because, well, as today's video graphically proves, it's a bald-faced lie. 

But that's never stopped Planned Parenthood before. #DefundPlannedParenthoodNow

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Dana Milbank completely ignores the fact that Planned Parenthood has BUILT a culture of sexual promiscuity that leads to unintended pregnancies and abortion.
Michael New

No, defunding Planned Parenthood is not ‘sure to increase the number of abortions’

Michael New
By Michael New

August 4, 2015 (NationalReview) -- The recent undercover videos by the Center for Medical Progress which show Planned Parenthood physicians discussing the sale of fetal body parts have put the organization’s mainstream-media allies in a difficult position. Of course, that has not prevented them from trying to rally support for Planned Parenthood. In his Friday Washington Post column, Dana Milbank dubbed yesterday’s Senate vote to cut off federal funding from Planned Parenthood “The Abortion Promotion Act of 2015.” He argues that political efforts to defund Planned Parenthood are “sure to increase the number of abortions.”

Milbank first claims that that there isn’t a national network of health-care providers capable of providing contraceptives if Planned Parenthood were to be denied funding. But a recent analysis by Genevieve Plaster of the Charlotte Lozier Institute finds that there are over 13 times as many Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs) as there are Planned Parenthood facilities. These FQHCs serve eight times more individuals than Planned Parenthood. Steering more money to them might actually improve the availability of health care to women who live in rural areas, as a disproportionately high number of Planned Parenthood facilities are located in blue states and in cities.

Milbank also argues that if contraception were less available, the unintended-pregnancy rate would increase. But there’s an impressive body of academic research which shows that sexual activity increases with the increased availability of contraception. A 2003 Guttmacher Institute study showed that contraception use and abortion rates rose simultaneously in several countries. A 1996 Quarterly Journal of Economics Study, which was co-authored by Federal Reserve chair Janet Yellen, found that the advent of the birth-control pill led to more sexual activity and more unintended pregnancies. And a University of Michigan study analyzed what happened when the 2005 Federal Deficit Reduction Act led to a sharp increase in the price of birth-control pills at college health centers. It found that there were statistically significant decreases in both the frequency of sexual intercourse and the number of sex partners. The unintended-pregnancy rate remained about the same.

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Toward the end of his column, Milbank commends House speaker John Boehner for conducting an investigation and holding hearings on Planned Parenthood. Milbank concludes by stating “Facts First — what a novel — and refreshing — notion.” Unfortunately, Milbank doesn’t appear interested in facts that fail to fit his narrative. If he were, he’d recognize that Planned Parenthood’s aggressive promotion of contraception has led to a culture of sexual promiscuity and high rates of both unintended pregnancies and abortions.

Reprinted with permission from National Review

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Guest Contributor

Advice to a lion-killer from Planned Parenthood’s PR firm

Guest Contributor

Aug. 3, 2015 (LiveActionNews) -- Letter to the editor (satire):

Advice to Dr. Walter J. Palmer from Planned Parenthood’s PR firm.

Dr. Palmer,

We have reviewed your statements and have the following recommendations to help end this public relations disaster:

- Location of the specimen at the time of demise is everything. Emphasize that you performed the poaching procedure OUTSIDE the park, and it is not really a lion unless it is INSIDE the park.

- Change “head on the mantle above the fireplace” to “calvarium on the mantle” or better yet “tissue on the mantle.”

- Change the terms “carcass” and “remains” to “products of hunting.”

- In your apology, your term “taking the lion,” rather than “killing the lion” was on the right track, but Jimmy Kimmel saw right through it. We suggest “terminate” as a widely-accepted alternative.

- Repeat over and over again, as much as possible, that brutally killing and dismembering innocent life is “ONLY 3%” of what you do. (Other clients have found this to be very successful, even though in their case, it’s not actually true.)

We are putting pressure on the media not to cover this, but in the meantime, pretend that your website was hacked to remind people that you are the victim here.


Dr. Screwtape

P.S. If you still have intact organs or limbs from the procedure, we will gladly help you “transfer” them for a “reimbursement fee.”

Reprinted with permission from LiveActionNews.

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