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Thirty-seven children, on average, are killed every hour of every day—for money—at Planned Parenthood facilities across the nation. And speaking of that money, Planned Parenthood has posted some numbers on its website that sent our heads spinning here at American Life League. 

The Guttmacher Institute says that the average cost of a late (10-week gestation) first trimester surgical abortion in 2011-2012 was $480. Planned Parenthood says on its website that it charges up to $1500—more than three times the average cost! And while the average cost for a medication (pill-induced) abortion is $504, Planned Parenthood charges up to $800! 

With Planned Parenthood shutting down its more modest outlying facilities nationwide, building multi-million dollar abortion mega-centers, and shifting its business focus more and more toward its lucrative abortion business, it appears its prices are skyrocketing to keep up with its money lust and the cost of the ostentatious facilities it is now running.

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Are women suddenly able to pay such a premium price for abortion? Or is Planned Parenthood grabbing this kind of money mostly from taxpayers and benefactors? With the economy in dire straits on so many levels and Obamacare in full swing paying for abortions, it is likely that Planned Parenthood has jacked up its prices to milk every penny it can from taxpayers. 

It is time to stop all government funding to Planned Parenthood, including abortion funding through Obamacare. Contact your elected representatives today at the state and federal levels and insist that all government funding to Planned Parenthood cease.

Reprinted with permission from STOPP