Every day we hear from mothers and fathers whose lives were changed by the work of Online for Life. Many are individuals facing unplanned pregnancies who believe abortion is their only option. Through a search on the Internet — the number one place where abortion-minded women and men go to find information and help — they can connect with one of Online for Life’s pregnancy medical centers and schedule an appointment. Once they arrive at the center, a compassionate and loving staff member encourages them with words of hope and provides them with helpful information about their pregnancy.

While every story about a mother or father choosing life is worthy of celebration, some stories in particular are so inspiring that we feel compelled to share them with the world. This is one of those stories.

DeAnn’s story reminds us that no situation is beyond hope. Though her circumstances seemed bleak and desperate, the compassionate staff at one of Online for Life’s pregnancy medical centers helped DeAnn see that an unplanned pregnancy wasn’t the end of her dreams. “All my friends were telling me everything I can’t do…but this lady, she was just rooting me on and telling everything I could do,” DeAnn says, describing the caregiver at the life-affirming pregnancy center.

Today, DeAnn has a beautiful baby boy who is the light of her life. “I still have my dreams. I’ll just have to work harder to achieve them,” she says with expectation.

Through a unique combination of compassion and technology, Online for Life has helped verifiably rescue more than 2,300 babies from abortion — and many of them were just days, even hours away from a scheduled abortion. To find out more about how you can get involved in the effort to help women like DeAnn, visit https://onlineforlife.org/.