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September 6, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — “Not everyone who has a functioning uterus identifies as a woman,” a post-abortive woman says in a video promoting All Access 2016, a pro-abortion concert.

“I am trans. I’m disabled. I am Afro-Latinx. I am non-binary. I am fem,” the individual, identified only as “Jack,” explains. 

It’s important for abortion facilities to avoid “misgendering” their abortion clients, Jack tells viewers.

“I was really isolated at the time,” she said. “People at the clinic constantly read me as a woman and called me ‘ma’am,’ ‘she,’ ‘miss.’ Having an abortion is tough enough without having to navigate constant misgendering. It’s like being slapped every two seconds.”

“If we change our language, just to something gender-neutral, we can invite and make these kinds of experiences so much easier for people that are of marginalized communities,” Jack says.

Jack’s video is part of a promotional series for abortion concerts and events taking place across the country on September 10. The main concerts will take place in Cleveland, Chicago, Atlanta, Miami, and Philadelphia. Students for Life of America is protesting the Cleveland concert, which will feature singer-songwriter Sia.

The local events affiliated with All Access range from livestream parties, comedy nights, music performances, and a “reproductive justice poetry contest.”

In another All Access video, a man named Dan describes how he supports abortion because he wants his toddler daughter to be able to obtain one, some pro-life laws will outlaw forms of in vitro fertilization that kill tiny human embryos, and because his wife gave birth to a stillborn baby. 

All Access videos tout three other heartbreaking videos of post-abortive women, Shawana, Jessie, and Renee.

I hope that everyone attending All Access, especially the people featured in its videos, knows that the pro-life community prays for their well-being and healing.