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Pro-life message goes ‘Glamour’ with feminist’s editorial

An article in the popular secular fashion magazine on pro-life feminism is reaching millions of women.
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Reagan Barklage
Claire Chretien By Claire Chretien

Claire Chretien By Claire Chretien

August 29, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — A pro-life editorial appeared in an unlikely place last week: the pages of Glamour magazine.

Reagan Barklage, a regional coordinator for Students for Life of America, wrote about being a pro-life feminist as part of the magazine’s ongoing series about abortion in America.

In college, “I saw a lot of sexual health posters and free condoms, but no help for women with unplanned pregnancies who didn’t want to have an abortion, no mention of alternatives,” Barklage wrote. “I soon found out that there were a multitude of resources for those women in mid-Missouri, but unfortunately many didn’t know about them.”

“Society tells young women, especially students: You can’t cope with a pregnancy. You can’t go to school and be a mom. You’ll end up broke and have no friends; you might as well drop out now,” she continued. “That’s hardly an empowering message. And the most common thing I hear from young women is, ‘My boyfriend said he will break up with me if I keep it.’ What kind of choice is that?”

Barklage went on to detail some of the pregnancy resource projects undertaken by the students she mentors and the important voice post-abortive women have in the pro-life movement.

Glamour magazine reaches one in eight American women. The magazine boasts 10.9 million print readers. 

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