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CHICAGO, July 31, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) — Universities staffed with leftist professors pose such an internal threat to the United States that Americans should stop funding them, a philosophy professor warned.

Jason Hill, who teaches at Chicago’s private DePaul University, blasted universities in a hard-hitting op-ed earlier this month as “propaganda machines” that indoctrinate students to reject Western culture.

“The core principles and foundations that keep the United States intact, that provide our citizens with their civic personalities and national identities, are being annihilated,” wrote Hill.

“The gravest internal threat to this country is not illegal aliens; it is leftist professors who are waging a war against America and teaching our young people to hate this country.”

Hill is a Jamaican immigrant whose memoir, We Have Overcome: An Immigrant’s Letter to the American People, was published earlier in July. He said students often now equate Western civilization with “racism, cultural superiority and pervasive oppression.”

And so they refuse “to study the works of John Stuart Mill or John Locke (or any other white thinker) because they consider them white supremacists,” he said.

“There is no lower level of educational hell.”

Moreover, “today’s scholars in humanities and social sciences increasingly declare that modern argumentation is a white, Western form of domination and linguistic imperialism that silences racial and ethnic minorities and devalues their ‘lived experiences,’” Hill said.

“One cannot argue with such people. The only alternative is to shut them down.”

That means universities as currently constituted have got to go, argued Hill, who has written on civil disobedience and identity politics, social and political philosophy, cosmopolitanism and race theory.

“We need to defund them, disband and rebuild them with conservative principles — that is, values advocating individualism, capitalism, Americanism, free speech, self-reliance and the morality of wealth creation,” he wrote.

“Withdraw your support and leave them to fund themselves. Let them put their wares on the free market, where they will be left homeless. The world you desired no longer exists in our universities. It lies elsewhere, in a philosophic system waiting to be discovered or created.”

Read Hill’s entire op-ed here.