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LOS ANGELES, October 18, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) – Actress Scarlett Johansson used her speaking slot at Variety magazine’s “Power of Women” event to praise the nation’s largest abortion provider and declare unfettered abortion access a “human rights issue.”

“It is my great pleasure to be standing here today with Planned Parenthood,” Johansson told the event attendees. “I feel so incredibly fortunate to be able to redirect the spotlight and shed it on Planned Parenthood and the invaluable work they do and the services they provide to hopefully relieve some of the stigma surrounding women’s issues and to be the face of this conversation that must be had.”

“Here’s the thing: Planned Parenthood provides a safe and healthy environment for women to make some of the most important decisions she will ever face in her life,” said Johansson. “I’m not just talking about her right to choose…as most of you know, Planned Parenthood has been under attack for many years now for another service they thankfully offer: providing a safe place for legal abortions should it be the case.”

Perhaps Johansson is unaware of Planned Parenthood’s history of shoddy, “meat-market” style abortion facilities that health departments have declared anything but safe.

A woman’s “right” to abortion is “about honoring and respecting women and about upholding the law,” Johansson continued. “A woman’s right to choose what to do with her body shouldn’t just be a woman’s rights issue. It’s the year 2016 and this is a human rights issue.”

Interestingly, pro-lifers do agree with Johansson that abortion is a human rights issue. It’s a human rights issue because abortion denies whole, distinct, and living human beings their most fundamental human right: to live and not be killed.

“It is time that we all stand with Planned Parenthood for our sisters, our mothers, for our friends, and for our daughters,” she said.

Sadly, Planned Parenthood’s abortionists have killed hundreds of thousands of young female humans who could have been friends, sisters, mothers, and daughters.

Watch video of Johansson speaking here.