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Some people view the sidewalks outside abortion facilities as a good place to pray, offer more life-affirming alternatives, and provide physical and financial assistance to women contemplating abortion. Others consider it a great place to break out into a 1996 dance craze.

Last Saturday, pro-life sidewalk counselors showed up for their their weekly prayer vigil outside Affiliated Medical Services abortion facility, located at 1428 North Farwell Avenue in Milwaukee. The abortion escorts – usually volunteers who hurry pregnant women past the counselors and through the business' doors – decided it was time to get down.

“As pro-lifers gathered to pray outside the abortion facility in Milwaukee, they were greeted by a tragic scene: Abortion clinic escorts dancing the Macarena,” Sam Guzman, communications director of Pro-Life Wisconsin, told LifeSiteNews. “This flippant display epitomizes the culture of death, and it demonstrates just how little reverence these escorts have for human life.”

“At Pro-Life Wisconsin, we firmly believe there is nothing more precious than a person,” he continued. “This crude display simply encourages us to continue laboring for a day when every human life is loved and respected, and to pray for the conversion and repentance of all those involved in the abortion industry.”

“That will be a true cause for dancing,” Guzman concluded.

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