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May 9, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — NBC’s Saturday Night Live churned out more pro-abortion, anti-Trump, and vaguely anti-men propaganda last week with a spoof of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale that’s getting lots of attention.

The SNL message appeared to be: women, beware, because with Trump and the Republicans holding the reins of government, you really will be forced to bear children against you will — and don’t expect help from men, because, well, dudes are just so useless, wrapped up in their juvenile, white-privileged worlds.

Too bad we’re all forced to bear the The Handmaid’s Tale.

Though in fairness, we could ignore its present ubiquity, the constant flow of memes and references on social media, the rave reviews of the Hulu television series starring Elisabeth Moss, the liberals’ enthusiasm that Canadian writer Atwood nailed it about Trump and his threat to women’s “reproductive rights” even though her novel was written in 1985, and Atwood herself discussing “dystopias in the age of Trump” on CBC radio.

The Handmaid’s Tale is set in the Republic of Gilead, within the United States, where Biblical fundamentalists have taken over the government. Many women are infertile and those who are fertile are subjugated for purposes of bearing children for the men of Gilead. They are without any rights, under constant surveillance, not even allowed to read.

Whatever the novel’s literary merit — sounds like Dan Brown meets Aldous Huxley — on a commercial level it’s brilliant, pushing all the right cultural panic buttons: fear of Christian fundamentalism, of patriarchy, and the fear women have of being used but not loved.

And then there’s what my former boss would call “prurient interest” — which comes in the form of the ritualized sex the handmaid undergoes, in the presence of the infertile wife.

Indeed, arguably its “prurient interest” factor, not its superficial political analysis, is The Handmaid’s Tale greatest draw. Sex and fascism. Totalitarianism with a slight dash of SMBD. Irresistible.

The SNL skit implies Trump’s administration constitutes a threat to women and their “right to choose” and that men are, as usual, not up to the mark.

A group of handmaids are discussing plans for an insurrection when two men arrive. They ignore the woman’s obvious fear at their arrival, and their strange garb: red robes and quaint hats. “Girl squad, what the frick is up?” says one while the other, actor Chris Pine, says: “You missed my Cinco de Mayo half birthday, what’d you do? Flake, or what?”  

When the women explain they are oppressed, Pine says: “I think I read something about that … but I’ve been super busy with work lately.”

SNL also took swipes at the American Health Care Act, or Trumpcare, which will remove most of Planned Parenthood’s funding for the next year.