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State AFL-CIO president: ‘My hat’s off’ to immigration group for saying ‘Hell no to the Catholics’

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Sen. Ted Cruz said on the Senate floor on Wednesday that the Democratic Party had decided to “declare war on the Catholic Church.” On the same day, one of the party's staunchest allies provided additional evidence that the political Left has a vendetta against the Church.

Tom Chamberlain, president of the Oregon chapter of the AFL-CIO, said he was happy a Portland-based illegal immigrant advocacy group had thumbed its nose at a Catholic charity.

The Catholic Campaign for Human Development denied a $75,000 grant to Voz Workers Rights Education Project after Voz refused to repudiate the National Council of La Raza, which supports same-sex “marriage.”

“And when Voz said, 'No, but Hell no' to the Catholics – which I am one – and said, 'we're not going to do that to the LGBQ [sic] community, we're going to stand strong,' my hat's off to Voz. They've had our support for years. They will continue to have our support, because that's what a worker community does,” Chamberlain said in a speech caught on video.

His fellow speakers at the “Stand with Voz” rally also took aim at the Catholic Church.

“The Catholic Church, the money that they're giving away through the CCHD – it's not their money,” said Marco Mejia of the local chapter of Jobs with Justice. “It's the money of the community. It's the money that they give every Sunday, right? So, they are using the money of somebody else to decide what they want to do, not what the people want them to do.”

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Mejia encouraged everyone to “stand up with the right thing.”

Jobs with Justice claims it is dedicated both to raising wages and importing millions of immigrants willing to work for less than the minimum wage. JWJ calls on President Obama to take “broad executive action” to prevent the deportation of illegal immigrants flooding the southern border.

Chamberlain's words begin at 1:22:

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