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Take five minutes now to stop PBS pushing late-term abortion doc ‘After Tiller’

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By Dustin Siggins

Earlier this week, LifeSiteNews reported that PBS is going to be showing the pro-abortion movie "After Tiller" next week. The movie highlights late-term abortion doctors with the intent of convincing the American people to sympathize with their worldview and difficulties.

Blogger Jill Stanek now reports that abortion supporters are promoting the documentary on Twitter and is urging pro-lifers to hack their hashtags #AbortionAccess and #AfterTiller starting at 2:00 Eastern.

From Stanek:

So please help us keep abortion radicals from peacefully promoting the excruciatingly painful blood bath of older preborn infants, never mind the extra danger their mothers face (hello, Jennifer Morbelli, killed last year by After Tiller star LeRoy Carhart), by tweeting about the reality of late-term abortion – there is so much to say about it – beginning at 2p EST. Use their hashtags #AbortionAccess and #AfterTiller.

PBS pulled in millions in U.S. federal taxpayer funding in 2012. That's in addition to more than $500 million state and federal taxpayer dollars that went to Planned Parenthood for, among other things, abortions and abortion-causing drugs and devices.

With five minutes today, you can help stop PBS from further entrenching the awfulness that is late-term abortion -- and abortion in general -- in the minds of the American people. Tweet to your family, friends, politicians, and the media this afternoon.

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Stefan Holm /
Peter Sprigg

We are advancing, not ‘surrendering’ on transgender issue

Peter Sprigg
By Peter Sprigg

July 3, 2015 ( -- It is odd that Slate, in a piece by Jacob Brogan, argues that Family Research Council's detailed new paper by Dale O'Leary and Peter Sprigg, "Understanding and Responding to the Transgender Movement," represents "a flag of surrender." Since this is the first comprehensive research paper specifically on the transgender movement that FRC has published in its 32-year existence, it is not a "surrender," but the exact opposite -- a clear declaration of our intention to engage actively in the debate over this issue and offer an alternative path to the leftist social agenda that only harms those struggling with gender dysphoria.  Although the paper has been in the works for months, the fact that it was finally completed and published in the same month as Bruce Jenner's much-publicized "coming out" as "Caitlyn" makes it all the more timely.

It should not be any surprise that the paper addresses "leftist concepts and categories." After all, the first purpose of the paper, as expressed in the title itself, is to "understand" the transgender movement -- which is entirely reliant on "leftist concepts and categories," and not on scientific research. For example, the paper certainly discusses "the contrast between sex and gender" in leftist thought, but we do not "internalize" it -- on the contrary, we explicitly reject the "distorted psychological self-concept that one's 'gender identity' is different from one's biological sex."

The fact that we quote sources on the left, such as the homosexual former Congressman Barney Frank and the lesbian feminist Janice Raymond, illustrates that concern about some aspects of the trans-agenda does not only arise from "traditional values" -- which would make it easier for Brogan to dismiss such concerns. Brogan is correct to say that in our paper, "leftist identity politics" have been "turned back against themselves" -- because we have exposed that such concepts are incoherent, illogical, indefensible, and/or internally inconsistent.

The fact that "the far right no longer controls the conversation on gender and sexuality issues" -- at least in the major cultural institutions of the news media, the entertainment media, and the educational establishment -- has been true ever since the sexual revolution of the 1960's. The stranglehold of political correctness on those institutions is not something new to 2015. However, the "intellectual foundation of our own" is the undeniable reality that biological sex is immutable. The further (and sadder) reality is that if "gender transition" and "gender reassignment surgery" are supposed to ease the psychological problems of those with "gender dysphoria," they are a proven failure. It matters not that we cite older sources to support this, since the reality has not changed (although expert psychiatrist Paul McHugh of Johns Hopkins has continued to speak out on this issue right up to the present day).

I give Brogan credit for at least having read the paper (that is more than I can say for some of the people who wrote "reviews" of my book about the redefinition of marriage, Outrage). However, he ignores (or perhaps did not read) the entire second section, dealing with the public policy responses to the transgender movement. It is there where FRC intends to engage -- and will never surrender.

Reprinted with permission from Family Research Council

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The nurse had lied right to this woman’s face about where she had taken her daughter — and it was perfectly legal for her to do so. Shutterstock
Cassy Fiano

School nurse took underage girl for secret abortion that left her barren, suicidal

Cassy Fiano
By Cassy Fiano

(LiveActionNews) - Pro-abortion extremists would like nothing more than for parents to be kept out of the decision when teenage girls are considering abortion. They claim that abortion is vital “health care,” and that parents shouldn’t have the right to make the choice for their daughters. It doesn’t make much sense when you consider that there is literally no other medical procedure that a minor child can undergo without parental consent — and it’s for good reason.

Abortion comes with a score of potential side effects. Aside from the obvious fact that a preborn baby’s life will be taken, the mother’s life is at risk, as well, and she also faces any number of lifelong health problems as a result. This is why a parent has the right to know about the abortion first, and to consent to the procedure before it takes place. A minor child is not capable of making these kinds of decisions.

A disturbing story out of New Zealand shows exactly why parental consent laws are so vital. When a 15-year-old girl got pregnant, her school nurse took her to get an abortion without her parents’ knowledge, with disastrous consequences.

The girl's mother was scared when her daughter didn’t come home one day on the bus. It turns out that the school nurse had driven the girl to an abortion mill during school hours, and made up a story when the girl’s mother was worried about her daughter coming home late. She didn’t tell the mother that her daughter had undergone an abortion. But afterwards, she noticed a change in her daughter, who started engaging in self-harm, and showed signs of suicidal tendencies.

She and the girl’s father were scared to go to sleep, for fear that they would wake up to their daughter dead. And it turned out their fears were not unfounded: their daughter eventually did attempt to commit suicide, and it was then that they learned the truth about her abortion. The nurse had lied right to this woman’s face about where she had taken her daughter — and it was perfectly legal for her to do so.

Sadly, the story gets even worse for this family. The abortionist who performed the procedure on the 15-year-old girl botched it, damaging her uterus, and she will never be able to have children. This family learned firsthand the horrific costs of abortion, from post-abortion syndrome to lifelong physical consequences.

This is the kind of horror story that no parent ever wants to have to go through, but it’s possible in more places than just New Zealand. In Canada, underage girls do not need parental notification or consent to get an abortion. And plenty of abortion activists are working to make that a reality here in the United States as well.

Many states have some kind of parental consent or notification laws, and time and time again, the abortion industry fights these laws. Planned Parenthood actually sued the state of Montana in an attempt to get their parental consent laws overturned; NARAL smeared a parental consent law as the “Arrest Grandma Act.” This is despite the fact that teenagers are literally incapable of appropriately weighing risks and making rational decisions. And the abortion lobby certainly doesn’t care that clinics are known to give out inaccurate information, or consistently engage in law-breaking behavior that particularly puts young girls at risk. They are willing to sacrifice the health and well-being of young girls in order to forward their own bloody agenda.

It is up to us as parents to stand up to these extremists and make sure that the horrors that this family in New Zealand faced, along with countless other families around the world, never happen again. The abortion industry does not care about our daughters, so we should be smart enough to know not to trust our daughters with them.

Reprinted with permission from LiveActionNews

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Wesley J. Smith

Cowardly Canadian docs cooperate with culture of death

Wesley J. Smith
By Wesley Smith

July 2, 2015 (NationalReview) -- In the face of the Canadian Supreme Court imposing a radical nation-wide euthanasia regime on the entire country, the Canadian Medical Association is cooperating with the culture of death. From the National Post story:

The nation’s most powerful doctors’ lobby — once long opposed to euthanasia in any form — is proposing its own aid-in-dying protocols that include death by lethal injection.

The details aren’t important, as the guidelines are meaningless anyway, and aren’t enforced even if violated.

And get this mealy mouthed acquiescence to the outlawing of the Hippocratic Oath:

But, the recommendations, Blackmer said, help fill a void left by a government that “hasn’t put anything out there for consultation” in the nearly five months since the Supreme Court of Canada unanimously struck down the Criminal Code’s absolute prohibition on assisted dying.

“So here’s a straw dog,” he said. “Fire away. Tell us, does it make sense? Does it not make sense? Are we missing something? We’re ready to lead that conversation.”

“When you’re operating in a bit of a vacuum like this,” Blackmer said, “someone has to step forward and fill it, and so that’s really our intent.

Good grief, man, lead protests in the streets!

Help the Canadian people understand why this is a corruption of medicine.

Tell the Supreme Court and everyone else who can hear that your “intent” is that doctors not kill!

When Netherlander doctors were faced with Nazi pressure to engage in culture of death medicine during World War II, they took down their shingles. Compared to that, what do Canadian docs have to fear?

What a mealy-mouthed abdication of ethics, morality, and professional responsibility.


Reprinted with permission from National Review.

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