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Take five minutes now to stop PBS pushing late-term abortion doc ‘After Tiller’

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By Dustin Siggins

Earlier this week, LifeSiteNews reported that PBS is going to be showing the pro-abortion movie "After Tiller" next week. The movie highlights late-term abortion doctors with the intent of convincing the American people to sympathize with their worldview and difficulties.

Blogger Jill Stanek now reports that abortion supporters are promoting the documentary on Twitter and is urging pro-lifers to hack their hashtags #AbortionAccess and #AfterTiller starting at 2:00 Eastern.

From Stanek:

So please help us keep abortion radicals from peacefully promoting the excruciatingly painful blood bath of older preborn infants, never mind the extra danger their mothers face (hello, Jennifer Morbelli, killed last year by After Tiller star LeRoy Carhart), by tweeting about the reality of late-term abortion – there is so much to say about it – beginning at 2p EST. Use their hashtags #AbortionAccess and #AfterTiller.

PBS pulled in millions in U.S. federal taxpayer funding in 2012. That's in addition to more than $500 million state and federal taxpayer dollars that went to Planned Parenthood for, among other things, abortions and abortion-causing drugs and devices.

With five minutes today, you can help stop PBS from further entrenching the awfulness that is late-term abortion -- and abortion in general -- in the minds of the American people. Tweet to your family, friends, politicians, and the media this afternoon.

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Construction on Planned Parenthood’s New Orleans mega-center resumes

Jill Stanek Jill Stanek Follow Jill
By Jill Stanek

The New Orleans Advocate reported today construction on the troubled New Orleans Planned Parenthood abortion facility has resumed amidst problems within and without.

The 8,000 square foot mill project stalled almost immediately after its ballyhooed groundbreaking in May 2013.

In the 22 months since, only the foundation has been dug.

Meanwhile, in January the Louisiana Health Department rejected Planned Parenthood’s certificate of need, so at this point even if the building is completed, it can’t commit abortions.

But this is shaky assurance to local pro-lifers, who are still fighting to keep the building from ever being completed.

Originally estimated to cost $4.2 million, the clinic is now “millions” more underwater, according to an unnamed inside source to NOA.

A major hold-up has been concrete.  Four concrete companies had turned down the job until Absolute Concrete Services took Planned Parenthood’s financial bait. Louisiana Coalition for Life has posted a list of collaborators.

On February 27, Pastor Bill Shanks of New Covenant Fellowship Church in Kenner was one of two pastors who visited the home of Absolute Concrete owners Melvin and Linda Backes. 

The couple told the pastors they owned the company but son Ronald runs it.

I spoke with Pastor Shanks by phone, and he said Melvin told him, “This is just business. If you give me $20,000, I’ll tear up the contract.”

Melvin is a retired firefighter.

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“My son is a firefighter, too, and knows Melvin as a brave man,” Pastor Shanks told me. “I told him to be brave for the babies. And I warned him that I’ve been involved in this fight for years and have seen one after another business crumble after becoming involved in abortion.”

Pastor Shanks said Linda’s heart was “as hard as concrete.” She told him she supported abortion and Planned Parenthood, adding, “If we let these babies live, they’ll just grow up and kill us.”

Absolute Concrete has not returned my calls requesting comment.

This past Saturday, about 50 pro-lifers protested and prayed at the site, getting workers to leave….

The workers were back today, but pro-lifers will not rest.

Reprinted with permission from Jill Stanek

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Katie Yoder

Media celebrate motherhood on the runway

Katie Yoder
By Katie Yoder

Mother’s Day is happening early in the fashion world – and in the media realm.

Dolce & Gabbana’s fall/winter 2015 collection presented in Milan on March 1 focused on "Viva la mama!" and, according to show notes, "explored how the mother is the heart of the family." To incorporate motherhood, the show featured models and their children on the runway (including one pregnant model, Bianca Balti) as well as prints by the designers’ nieces and nephews. In contrast to their usual pro-abortion sentiment, the media celebrated the “touching” show’s celebration of motherhood – even the motherhood of the unborn.

According to New York Magazine, the designers, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, drew inspiration from their own mothers. “The inherent message is allowing fashion to be seen as an extension of where one comes from," they wrote

That message spoke to the even the liberal media. The Guardian’s Lauren Cochrane recognized the “celebration of mothers everywhere,” while The Huffington Post’s Dana Oliver deemed the show “touching.”

Vogue’s Alessandra Codinha noted how “the runway was filled with motherly love” with the pregnant Bianca Balti as a “special highlight.”

Jezebel’s Karyn Polewaczyk admitted, “even the childless-by-choice types among us (myself included) will crack at least a small smile” at the “awesome thing happening in the fashion world right now.”

“There were 89 models in the show but it was the ones who were pregnant or carrying young children who accomplished a rare thing: The typically jaded audience broke in applause and smiles” wrote Wall Street Journal’s Christina Binkley. CNN’s Sarah LeTrent noted the same.

Although they wanted more diversity, Refinery 29’s Connie Wang and Victoria Phillips congratulated:

One of the biggest criticism for fashion designers, especially those who are male, is that they don’t design for real women. But during today’s Dolce & Gabbana show at Milan Fashion Week, the focus was on a facet of what it means to be a woman: motherhood. 

 Other magazines, including Allure and Glamour, also chimed in on the story.

Reprinted with permission from Newsbusters. 

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Kristi Burton Brown

‘I think about my baby every day’: Meet 6 women who regret their abortions

Kristi Burton Brown
By Kristi Burton Brown

(Live Action News) -- 1) Megz

“And even though I know I’ve found healing, I think about my baby every day. I wonder what he would look like. I wonder what he would like to play with. I wonder what his voice would sound like. My baby would have turned eight this past fall.”

A turning point for Megz came when she learned the facts about fetal development – that, as she said, at 7 weeks, her baby already had fingers, toes, ears, a beating heart, and more. She recognized that her baby had never just been a bunch of cells. He was always her baby, at every moment.

Megz’s story illustrates the devastation that abortion clinics bring to women by failing to fully inform them about the humanity of their preborn children. Investigative videos have caught clinic staff and counselors blatantly lying to women about their babies’ development.

Megz’s video was put on YouTube in January of 2015, and she writes this in the description:

You never know who may need to see it…it’s all about the hope! This video was made to be shown in public schools so it is missing the most important part of the story – that none of the healing I’ve received would have been possible without the love of Jesus! So thankful!

2) Our Painful Stories

This video, made by Virtue Media, features four women who discuss their true abortion experiences in four minutes. Virtue Media’s goal is “a minute of education, a lifetime of hope.”

This video can also be seen in Spanish here.

3) Samantha

Even though this young woman seems to come to the wrong conclusion that, if the woman wants the abortion, it might be okay, her video is incredibly powerful. Many women who thought they wanted an abortion share in her pain. (Find hundreds of their stories here.) And, regardless of whether the mother wants it or not, abortion always takes an innocent baby’s life.

Samantha writes, under her video:

…Trust me when I say it kills me everyday to know what I did and that my baby could be just over 6 months old now. It effected my BF too and he’s the one that pushed it. It’s hurt both of us more than we thought a single person could hurt.

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If you, like Samantha, are feeling pressured into an abortion, check out this articlethis one, and this one. Here is what one young woman wrote, after choosing life for her baby, even with opposition from her boyfriend and her parents:

I know your scared. I was so scared and my ex wouldnt even let me tell my friends. I felt so alone, but when I finaly told them I got so much support and my best friend even went with me to tell my parents. Sometimes you need that buffer. … I would at least listen to your baby’s heart beat. That literally changed my mind completely. …

I even went with my ex-boyfriend (the father of my daughter) to the first appointment to get an abortion. But as soon as I heard her heart beat I knew I couldn’t do it. My boyfriend pressured me but I knew that no matter what even if I gave her up for adoption at least she would be alive. … I didn’t want my mom to know either and I hid my pregnecy from my parents actually till about a few weeks ago. (I’m 6 months pregent now). It didn’t go well, so I understand how hard it is. I’m not even on speaking terms with my parents. But at least I know that my daughter will have my love no matter what. My ex is barely in the picture only coming around when he feels like it. The are places that can help you. My advice would be to at least hear your baby’s heart beat. Belive me it is probably the most amazing thing I have ever experienced and the reason I am now going to raise my daughter on my own with out my parents or her dad. …

For anyone who is seeking healing after an abortion, visit to find a center or program in your area, or even just a person to talk to.

If you’re considering an abortion and want answers, help, or someone to talk with, send an email or chat online with or call Pregnancy Line at 866-88-WOMAN.

Reprinted with permission from Live Action News. 

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