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Taking your kids to Target to shop for school Valentine’s Day cards? They’re in Aisle 4, right next to the sex toys.

Really. The big box retailer is cashing in on the media-hyped movie “50 Shades of Grey” by selling a whole line of products with the “50 Shades” name and theme. The movie and the novel it’s based on have spurred an interest in BDSM themed “mommy porn.” 

How about a “Yours and Mine Vibrating Love Ring” next to the Kids’ toothbrush section?

That’s not the only item. Target is selling a whole line of merchandise – from massage oils and lubricants to a “Massage me” candle to a couples blindfold set.

(More disturbing, CNN Money reports that teenage goth store “Hot Topic” is selling tights with the Christian Grey's signature sign off “Laters, baby,” written on them.)

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But Target’s only following the media’s cue. NBC decided to devote this entire week to promoting the movie with “exclusive clips” and endless gushing from the anchors about how much they are looking forward to seeing it on Valentine’s Day weekend. NBC failed to note the 40,000+ signature petition calling for a boycott of the “pornographic” and “exploitative” film.

Nor did NBC mention that even feminists find the film’s message appalling. Jezebel’s Kelly Faircloth wrote, “I'm not going to pretend that, if you take Fifty Shades of Grey at face value, it represents anything remotely like a healthy relationship.” The Guardian’s Suzanne Moore also  criticized, “Fifty Shades of Grey peddles the tired old fantasy of romance that keeps women in their place.”

Reprinted with permission from NewsBusters.