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Being from Chicago, I had no vested interest in Saturday’s Super Bowl, other than to care about the score at the end of each quarter in hopes my husband might win a chunk of his office pool (which he did!).

So I amused myself by watching the ads and reading Twitter critiques about them by the feminist pro-abortion crowd.

I thought the Nationwide ad was serious but worthwhile, although it was quickly and summarily excoriated by the rest of the world as possibly “the worst Super Bowl ad ever,” which “sucked the mood out of the game and was generally crappy.”

I didn’t see the ad that way. I saw it as as an important reminder to parents, although I do see how families who have lost children in home accidents could have been traumatized.

Here’s the ad, in case you don’t know what I’m talking about….

Perhaps I wasn’t shocked because a dominant pro-life theme in our videos and films is children who never had a future because they were aborted.

In fact, abortion is the first thing I thought of when I saw the Nationwide ad. The word “abortion” could have easily been substituted in the ad’s climax line, “I couldn’t grow up, because I died from an accident,” without the rest of the ad needing any changes whatsoever.

And I’m pretty sure the pro-abortion crowd had the same thought. At least circumstantial evidence would indicate that. Because of all the ads NARAL and other abortion advocates I follow on Twitter had an opinion on, they didn’t have an opinion on that ad. My guess is they knew the ad hit too close to home, and they knew daring to comment on it would draw pro-life blowback.

NARAL’s plan for the big game night was indeed to critique ads…

So here a small sampling of ads NARAL didn’t like:

In all, NARAL tweeted on about 25 ads, some observations positive, to be fair, all centered on liberal feminist ideology.

NARAL may have had nothing to say about Nationwide’s accident ad. But we know it was paying attention, because it loved Nationwide’s other ad, tweeting twice about it…

Here was that ad, in case you’re interested…

I have a sixth sense about these things. I see dead aborted people in a lot of life’s scenarios, such as the Nationwide accident ad.

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I think NARAL and the abortion lobby do, too.

But in their case, the death of children is no accident.

Reprinted with permission from Jill Stanek.