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Wesley J. Smith

The West is quickly becoming a pro-suicide culture

Wesley J. Smith
By Wesley Smith

We are quickly becoming a pro-suicide culture–indeed to the point now that organizations like the Hemlock Society Compassion and Choices, bioethicists, and the mainstream media promote suicide by self-starvation as the new big thing in making oneself dead.

Philip Nitschke is one of the international rock stars of euthanasia advocacy. He is also its most candid. He believes that everyone owns their own body absolutely and thus have a right to suicide whenever they want and for whatever reason. Indeed, he told NRO’s Kathryn Lopez that suicide pills should even be made available to “troubled teens.”

I clashed with Nitschke in Australia when I traveled the country on an anti-euthanasia tour in 2001. First, I busted him for the above assertion. It created a media fire storm.

While there, I also made front page news by revealing that he was importing and distributing suicide bags. I am proud to say, my effort led to the passage of a law that forced Nitschke to move his suicide industry offshore. It was one of my most successful public advocacy campaigns. 

Now, Aussie medical authorities want him struck off as a doctor because of the suicide of a healthy but depressed man which he facilitated. What. Took. Them. So. Long?

As for troubled teens and other young people, a study showed that many used his favorite method of suicide–and Nitschke doesn’t care. From a column by anti-euthanasia campaigner Paul Russell:

It is this supposed right-to-die that is the false over-arching philosophy by which the death of a young person can be somehow ‘rationalised’ by Nitschke and Exit. In 2010, in response to a Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine Report showing that two thirds of deaths in the preceding decade using the Exit drug-of-choice, Nembutal, were for people under the age of 50 with nearly one-third being younger than 40 and six being in their 20s,

Nitschke said: ”There will be some casualties … but this has to be balanced with the growing pool of older people who feel immense wellbeing from having access to this information.” Tell that to the families of the two men featured in the 7:30 Report! Suicide prevention should never accept the notion of acceptable casualties!

Nitschke just oozes compassion, doesn’t he?

But it isn’t just Nitschke. All suicide promoters know–or should know–that their work will lead to the suicides of some people who are not the prime targets of their advocacy. And they don’t care.

For example, Derek Humphry’s New York Times best selling how-to-commit-suicide book Final Exit–what does that tell you about our degrading culture!–has been found next to the dead bodies of troubled teens, and he could not care much less.

Compassion and Choices pushes self-starvation for people tired of life, not just the sick.

In Belgium elderly couples receive joint euthanasia and a psychiatric patient sexually exploited by her psychiatrist was killed by another psychiatrist. And the world shrugs its shoulders.

Most assisted suicide promoters know that there will be deadly consequences from their advocacy–I mean beyond the suicides they support, and it doesn’t matter. They want what they want and don’t care who gets hurt.

The rest of us should care, but increasingly, we don’t. Why? As I wrote above, we are quickly becoming a pro-suicide culture.

Reprinted with permission from the National Review Online.

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Small demonstration convinces Target store to drop 50 Shades of Grey merchandise


How many demonstrators does it take to make Target buckle in Georgetown, Texas, and beyond? “I’m not sure,” says Dr. John Pisciotta. “But apparently seven was adequate on Monday.”

History is a great predictor of the future. Dr. Pisciotta has a successful history of curbing abortion and immoral sex education in his community through his undying opposition to Planned Parenthood. So it is only natural that he would step up to oppose the moral decay that Target is bringing to communities through its Fifty Shades of Grey sex toy merchandise. Dr. Pisciotta heads American Life League Associate Group Pro-Life Waco. 

Georgetown Target management buckled after a 75-minute demonstration outside its retail store on Monday and took down its Fifty Shades of Grey merchandise display. And there is more. Store management informed the demonstrators that the regional manager had ordered all stores in the region to stop selling the merchandise. 

“It was not clear whether the retrenchment went farther than the Target district including Georgetown,” Dr. Pisciotta said. “I am sure the rumble in Georgetown had the attention of management at Target headquarters in Minneapolis.”

Austin’s KTBC Fox 7 arrived on the scene almost as soon as the demonstrators set up, shooting footage of the signs and interviewing the folks who were demonstrating. Segments aired on the Austin Fox News affiliate Monday evening.

As the seven demonstrators stood in the cold rain with their signs, passing motorists honked and gave thumbs up, with some stopping to thank them. Dr. Pisciotta reported that the only negative reaction came from the store manager, who called police in an attempt to have the demonstrators removed. They left on their own following the discovery that the display and merchandise had in fact been removed.

“The demonstration is dedicated to all the great moms and dads trying to raise their children along wholesome paths in a culture that is hostile to their values,” Pisciotta told STOPP. “Hopefully Target and other stores will think twice before entering into such a pernicious marketing stunt,” he said.

The Georgetown success demonstrates how easy it can be to make a huge difference in your community and beyond. American Life League joins in the call to action to step up opposition across the nation.

“Tomorrow, check the Target store near you and see if it has the Fifty Shades of Grey sex display in the pharmacy area,” Dr. Pisciotta advises. “If it does, get some friends and draw up some signs. Demonstrate at a Target street entrance for an hour or two.” 

You can also contact Target’s corporate headquarters in Minneapolis to complain about the Fifty Shades of Grey merchandise in Target stores, telling them to expect more demonstrations if the merchandise is not removed. Contact the corporate office via phone at 800-440-0680 or contact online at

Dr. Pisciotta predicts a total capitulation from Target nationwide. Hometown action is needed, he says, “to achieve total and unconditional surrender.” 

Reprinted with permission from STOPP

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Top 10 reasons to fight Planned Parenthood sex education


This list can help you clearly enunciate why we must take a stand against Planned Parenthood sex instruction.

1. Planned Parenthood sex instruction steals parents’ rights to decide what their children learn about sexuality. 

2. It grooms children for abuse by breaking down natural inhibitions and teaching them they can consent to dangerous sexual acts at a very young age. 

3. It is “sex positive,” salacious, and instructs children they have a right to pleasurable sex. It includes sexual role playing and requires proficiency in sexual foreplay.

4. It is morally bankrupt. It is based on what a student feels he or she is “ready” for in the sexual realm, after instruction on how to have sex.

5. The curricula are highly guarded. Parents are not allowed to view the full curriculum and instructional materials in privacy.

6. It only pays lip service to abstinence; it encourages sexual activity.

7. It normalizes dangerous and perverse sex acts like sadomasochism.

8. Planned Parenthood—the nation’s largest abortion chain—develops, promotes, and profits from its sex instruction programs.  

9. Planned Parenthood advocates for sex instruction for children from the earliest ages, saying they are sexual from birth—an idea promulgated by serial child molester Alfred Kinsey.

10. Planned Parenthood’s claims of benefits of sex instruction are totally unproven. There is no scientifically sound study that validates any of its programs. Children are being used as guinea pigs.

Reprinted with permission from STOPP.

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Jill Stanek Jill Stanek Follow Jill

How abortion is contributing to Chicago’s ‘fiscal free fall’ and Rahm Emmanuel’s collapse

Jill Stanek Jill Stanek Follow Jill
By Jill Stanek

From the article, “Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago nears fiscal free fall,” March 2:

In progressive Chicago… Moody’s has cut its credit rating to two grades above “junk.”…

The steady financial decline of the nation’s third-largest city prompted us recently to say that Chicago was well on its way to becoming the next Detroit….

[P]rospects aren’t good, as people – particularly high-income individuals and businesses – flee the city’s high taxes and stiff regulations….

People are leaving in droves, voting the only way they can in a one-party town – with their feet.

From 2000 to 2009, Chicago’s population shrank by 200,000 – the only one of the nation’s 15 largest cities to lose people. The city now has 145,000 fewer school-age children than it had more than a decade ago, according to district data, forcing the closure of about 100 schools since 2001.

Those school closures are playing a part in the embarrassing run-off election Mayor Rahm Emanuel, President Obama’s former chief-of-staff, is facing, and which he may lose:

Emanuel recently emerged from the Windy City’s mayoral primary with just 45% of the vote against four opponents, forcing Chicago’s first-ever mayoral runoff. A poll taken.. Feb. 28 showed Emanuel leading second-place primary finisher Jesus “Chuy” Garcia… by a slim 42.9% to 38.5% margin.

About those school closures, from the New York Times, yesterday:

The sky-blue paint has begun to peel on the three-story building that was once Anthony Overton Elementary [pictured below]. Window air-conditioners are speckled with rust. Doors where children used to rush in and out are sealed with plywood.

The empty shell of this school on Chicago’s largely black South Side stands as a reminder of one of Rahm Emanuel’s defining acts as mayor: overseeing the closing of nearly 50 public schools deemed underperforming, underutilized or both. It was the largest closing of schools in memory, with many of them in black or Latino neighborhoods….

“It hurts,” said Earvin Wade, 55, who lives across the street. “You used to have a lot of kids there, families around. It was at the heart of our neighborhood. Now it’s nothing but an eyesore.”…

(I)n the end, it may be the education agenda that [Emanuel] proudly, defiantly and swiftly carried out that threatens his political future.

Population shrinkage and closing schools may in part be blamed on people “flee[ing] the city,” but an equally obvious reason for the decline is abortion.

Between 1995 and 2013, the dates for which Illinois county abortion breakdowns are available, a staggering 486,743 children were aborted in Cook County, accounting for 55.8% of the 872,631 abortions committed in Illinois during those 19 years.

Those are just the past two decades, with the two decades of legalized abortion before that likely the same.

The children aborted in 1973 would have been having their own children during the 1990s, so the number of lost people is compounded beyond what we see.

It is tragic that black and Hispanic neighborhoods in Chicago are blighted by empty schools. But the people themselves killed off the students. Blacks and Hispanics have a much higher rate of abortion than whites. According to Guttmacher, five times as many blacks as whites get abortions, and two times as many Hispanics as whites.

And abortion is just one social ill contributing to Chicago’s demise.

“In Chicago, 51% of children live in single-parent homes,” notes the Chicago Tribune.

Click "like" if you are PRO-LIFE!

Had Democrats in charge of the city since 1931 embraced conservative social values and encouraged premarital abstinence and stronger two-parent married families, the children allowed to live would not be “underperforming” in school to the extent that they are, along with being the victims of other societal plagues.

Such as murder, which unstable homes contribute to. Quoting Pew Research:

In terms of raw number of murders, Chicago has long been at or near the top of U.S. cities, according to FBI crime statistics. In 2012, it had 500 murders, the most of any city in the country; Chicago has been among the top three cities with the most murders since 1985.

Will the people wake up? But politicians aren’t the answer. They’re part of the problem.

Churches with their theological act together are really Chicago’s only hope.

Reprinted with permission from Jill Stanek. 

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