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This list can help you clearly enunciate why we must take a stand against Planned Parenthood sex instruction.

1. Planned Parenthood sex instruction steals parents’ rights to decide what their children learn about sexuality. 

2. It grooms children for abuse by breaking down natural inhibitions and teaching them they can consent to dangerous sexual acts at a very young age. 

3. It is “sex positive,” salacious, and instructs children they have a right to pleasurable sex. It includes sexual role playing and requires proficiency in sexual foreplay.

4. It is morally bankrupt. It is based on what a student feels he or she is “ready” for in the sexual realm, after instruction on how to have sex.

5. The curricula are highly guarded. Parents are not allowed to view the full curriculum and instructional materials in privacy.

6. It only pays lip service to abstinence; it encourages sexual activity.

7. It normalizes dangerous and perverse sex acts like sadomasochism.

8. Planned Parenthood—the nation’s largest abortion chain—develops, promotes, and profits from its sex instruction programs.  

9. Planned Parenthood advocates for sex instruction for children from the earliest ages, saying they are sexual from birth—an idea promulgated by serial child molester Alfred Kinsey.

10. Planned Parenthood’s claims of benefits of sex instruction are totally unproven. There is no scientifically sound study that validates any of its programs. Children are being used as guinea pigs.

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Reprinted with permission from STOPP.