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The irony is enough to make one either laugh derisively or shed tears of frustration. Picture this: A police car in front of the Morgentaler abortuary last week in Toronto. Pro-life heroine Linda Gibbons surrounded by officers about to be arrested for her peaceful witness. A cameraman is busy filming the whole thing from an inconspicuous vantage point.

The camera suddenly zooms in on one of the police cars in the Morgentaler driveway. The writing on the front side of the car comes into focus: “To serve and protect.”

“To serve and protect” is the motto of the Toronto Police Service.

And who is the Toronto Police serving and protecting in this instance?

Not the pre-born babies ripped from their mother’s wombs only steps away inside the death chamber, euphemistically called a woman’s health center.

Not the mothers who ought to be stopped from entering into a business that profits from killing children. These women will surely suffer — now or later — some form of grief, sorrow, guilt, or shame for participating in the death of their very own child.

Not the abortion staff who should be arrested and charged with serial homicide for killing the youngest and most vulnerable members of the human family. Serial killers should be locked up for their own safety and for the safety of other people.

Surely not ordinary citizens passing by who witness the gross miscarriage of justice as more than one-half dozen law officials team-up to take-down a little old helpless grandmother carrying a harmless placard. This can only harm the reputation of a force that claims to be “honourable, trustworthy, and [to] strive to do what is right.”

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And not Linda Gibbons who, according to a recent judgment from the Ontario Court of Justice, does no wrong in quietly carrying a harmless sign in front of the abortuary. 

The police force says in its mission statement that “fairness” is one of its “core values.”

“We treat everyone in an impartial, equitable, sensitive and ethical manner,” it says. 

That is to say “everyone” except pre-born children and little old grandmothers who stand up for their right to have life and be born.

At the heart of this irony is that the police arrested Gibbons for doing their own job.

So who is the Toronto Police force serving and protecting here? In missing the real victims they are serving and protecting absolutely nobody. Herein lies their disgrace. Herein lies their shame.