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Last week several popular pro-life Facebook pages shared a heartwarming photo of a young couple caught in an embrace. In one hand a girl holds a large sign that reads, “To the biological mother whom I have never met . . .  I am loved.” In one image it appears as if, spontaneously, an adoptee is given assurance by a stranger for recognizing the gratitude she gives to the mother who spared her life.


Except the photo is fake. 

This is the actual photo:


It’s tempting to dismiss this trickery as forthright sentimentality wrapped in a little photo doctoring. But in the end, it’s still a lie, isn’t it?

The pro-life movement already has the truth on its side, so there’s really no reason for the chicanery. Manipulation is a tactic best left to abortion advocates. 

Sadly, this isn’t anything new. Below are a few more examples of popular pro-life craftiness that pro-lifers should dismiss if ever they appear again on social media.

The preborn baby foot.


Look, there’s a baby in there. We can see his foot. Isn’t that cute? 

Has anyone ever seen this happen? If the bellies of pregnant moms were as thin as latex, then social media would be inundated with moments like this. But between baby and the outside world are layers of skin, fatty tissue, and muscle that make it impossible to see an impression of a baby’s toes when he has the impulse to stretch his legs.

Margaret Sanger and the KKK


Even though the founder of America’s largest abortion business wrote about her speaking engagements to the Ku Klux Klan in her 1938 autobiography, there are no known photographs of her actually speaking to the white supremacy group. Yet two photos continue to circulate as evidence of her affiliation with racist groups.


These fake photos circulated long before Google ever existed. But today a Google Image search of “Margaret Sanger” provides a variety of historical photos, including these:


The results of searching for images of “Ku Klux Klan” will include these two photos:


C’mon, it’s Margaret Sanger. Anything goes, right? After all, she did pave a bloody path for the murder of millions of preborn children. So why not put in a car with Hitler?

Social media is heavy on providing visually engaging content fashioned to get your attention. We don’t have to be suspicious of every photo we encounter, but we do have to practice some scrutiny before clicking the “Share” button. Otherwise we risk undermining the truth when the facts are fiction.

Reprinted with permission from American Life League