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September 5, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) — The LGBT world let out a communalGasp!” last week when President Trump referred to Bradley — a.k.a. Chelsea — Manning as “He.” The rest of the politically correct world joined in the exclamation of shock and horror.   

President Trump’s comments were made August 28 as he spoke about his pardon of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. PinkNews noted that his comments “were about perhaps the most notable transgender person to serve in the armed forces” and they “come as he enacts policy to ban transgender people from serving.”

Manning, recently released from prison after his sentence was commuted by former President Barack Obama, has undergone medical “transition” treatments and has become both a transgender celebrity and a newly minted women’s fashion icon.  

Yet Manning “perpetrated one of the greatest leaks of classified government material in American history,” according to a recent New York Times opinion piece. The former U.S. Army private “transmitted 750,000 secret military records and State Department cables to WikiLeaks in 2010” while also placing “an untold number of innocent people’s lives in danger.”

In January, as one of the final official acts of his presidency, Obama took to the podium in the White House Press Briefing Room to announce his commutation of Bradley Manning’s prison sentence: “It has been my view that given, she went to trial, that due process was carried out, that she took responsibility for her crime” [italics added].

This was the first time a United States president referred to a man as a she and her.

President Trump has ignored the precedent former President Obama established.