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October 19, 2015 (LiveActionNews) — Tomarra Richardson, a Michigan mother of three, tells the story of how her disabled daughter, 12-year-old Carin, saved her little sister from drowning in the family pool this past summer.

Three year old Jac’Lynn slipped outside unnoticed. Trying to jump into her swim tube, she fell through and sank to the bottom. That’s when Carin, who has Down syndrome, went into action mode. “Without panic or fear,” Tomarra told ABC 12, “[Carin] grabbed her goggles, got in the water, and pulled her sister out of the pool and into the house. She was our hero, she saved her sister’s life. Carin definitely reacted really fast. I mean, she wasn’t really scared at all!”

Carin told ABC 12 it’s true, she wasn’t scared at all, and she’s happy her sister Jac’Lynn is okay.

According to ABC 12, “since the accident, Tomarra says she’s added more locks to the pool. She also installed alarms at both her front and back doors, so she knows when they’re opened.”

Children with disabilities come with their own sets of challenges, but they are amazing, unique, and wonderful just like all children. We are thankful that Carin was there to save the life of her little sister.

Reprinted with permission from Live Action News