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Everyone has been talking about the Fifty Shades of Grey display in Target that hawks sex toys near children’s items, but pro-life activist John Pisciotta, head of Pro-Life Waco, decided to do something about it. Pro-Life Waco is an American Life League Associate Group.

Dr. Pisciotta talked to managers at the Waco, Texas, Target facility on Friday, inquiring whether the store carried the Fifty Shades of Grey product line. He expressed his dismay that Target would connect its name with the sadomasochistic Fifty Shades of Grey. On his way out, he handed the managers his Pro-Life Waco business card. The card references the Pro-Life Waco website, containing information about past protests of Waco businesses that support Planned Parenthood and its sex instruction programs. 

“Pro-Life Waco was planning a demonstration at Target for Monday, February 23,” Dr. Pisciotta said. “Signs were designed, but not yet produced.”

When Dr. Pisciotta called the store three days after his initial visit to file a phone complaint, he was told that the display had been dismantled and removed from the store due to a complaint by an “elderly man.” Dr. Pisciotta is a retired Baylor University professor.

“I encourage hometown folks across the country to be proactive with Target,” Dr. Pisciotta said. “If persuasion doesn’t work, possibly a demonstration will. If Target won’t budge in your city, at least your neighbors will know their neighbors care enough to act. Some may even join you in the demonstration.”

Planned Parenthood was busted last year by Live Action News for recommending Fifty Shades of Grey to young people at several of its facilities as an instructional tool for their exploration of perverse, degrading, dangerous BDSM sex.

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Congratulations to Dr. John Pisciotta for single-handedly eradicating a situation that posed a serious threat to the children and teens of Waco, and was a source and sign of moral erosion for the entire community. We highly recommend that pro-life groups across the nation follow his lead and complain personally to local Target management about the Fifty Shades of Grey sex toy and merchandise marketing. If management is not responsive, plan a protest in a public right of way outside your Target store. 

For more information about Dr. Pisciotta’s recommendations for getting Fifty Shades of Grey merchandise out of local Target stores, visit his Facebook group Hometown Pro-Life Action. There you will find lots of information, not only about the Target protest, but about other pro-life action suggestions to free your hometown of Planned Parenthood and its abortion and sex instruction business. You can also contact him directly at [email protected].

Signs that Dr. Pisciotta designed for hometown protests at Target are included below. 

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