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WaPost: Embryonic heartbeats really just ‘the electric pulsing of what will become a fetus’s heart’

This language is dehumanizing and inaccurate.
Fri May 31, 2019 - 2:57 pm EST
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May 31, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) – In its latest coverage of the popular heartbeat bills that are sweeping the nation, the Washington Post bent over backwards to dehumanize preborn babies as much as possible.

Louisiana’s new pro-life law “could outlaw abortions after an ultrasound is able to detect the electric pulsing of what will become a fetus’s heart,” the Post reported.

The electric pulsing of what will become a fetus’s heart? Really?

By the seventh week of pregnancy, “the heart has 4 chambers,” the Endowment for Human Development (EHD) explains. “The pacemaker center is already well-established in the right atrium. The embryonic heart rate peaks at 7 weeks and now beats approximately 167-175 times per minute. This rate gradually declines to about 140 beats per minute at birth.”

“Though the blood flow pattern before birth differs from the pattern after birth, the embryo has all 4 chambers similar to those seen in [the] adult heart.”

Here’s the popular pregnancy site on what to expect at a six week ultrasound:’re probably wondering what’s going on inside your 6-week pregnant belly. Well, many of the crucial areas of baby development have already started. Baby's circulating blood with an increasingly sophisticated circulatory system. Baby might even be wiggling his or her paddle-like hands and feet. Your 6-week embryo is about to get cuter too, since he or she is starting to sprout a nose, eyes, ears, chin, and cheeks.

If you did have a 6-week ultrasound, the doctor might be able to see a fetal pole or fetal heartbeat—a clear sign that you’ve got an embryo developing in there. However, if the doctor doesn’t see a fetal pole or heartbeat, don’t panic—you might not be as far along as you thought. The doctor will probably ask you to come back in a few days or a week for another ultrasound. on being seven weeks pregnant:

How amazing is this? Your 7-week embryo is generating about one hundred new brain cells each minute! And not only is baby's brain becoming more complex, but the heart is too. Also important: Baby's developing a permanent set of kidneys, and arm and leg joints are now forming as well.

Calling the heartbeats of tiny children millions of parents have seen on ultrasounds “electric pulsing” is just another pro-abortion attempt to hide the basic facts of embryology and fetal development – facts that prove abortion stops a beating human heart.

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