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(LiveActionNews) – Premature twins, Hunter and Darcy Ridley, were born at 22 weeks gestation— 123 days before their actual due date. Known at the time as the world’s most premature twins, the miracle babies are celebrating their ninth birthday.

On April 24, 2006, Darcy Louise was born weighing 500 grams; Hunter Ryan was born slightly heavier, weighing 560 grams.

Hunter and Darcy’s parents shared on Facebook:

“Remarkably, this is considered large for their gestation. They do have a number of medical conditions, including developmental delays …Darcy also has cerebral palsy and epilepsy. However both are very strong and beautiful children.”

The  twins’ powerful story of survival displays not only the humanity of children inside the womb, but the tragic reality of abortion. Although babies the same age and size are legally killed by abortion each day, their humanity is evident.

In a video, the Ridley family shared Darcy’s story and her medical struggles, noting that Darcy is a fighter.

The Ridley twins were released from the hospital nearly six months after birth. The family released a touching video, sharing the twins’ first months. With over 2,500,000 views, the video has gone viral.

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After watching the video, viewers shared the following comments:


“This is amazing! What a blessing… they are beautiful. I am 21 weeks right now and can’t believe that is what the baby looks like already.”

“I’m 22 weeks pregnant and have cried from start to finish. Beautiful.”

“I had my son at 33 weeks, and now I’m pregnant with twins and my premature risk is very high. This video was amazing! God bless your family and your twins are an inspiration!”


“Congratulations. I’m currently 19 weeks and could never imagine giving birth right now…I remember when my brother was born at 24 weeks and how my parents felt back in 1996 when he survived…He is now 17 with no problems except dyslexia, and he is 6 ft 2 and really strong. Good luck for the future.”

“This made me cry. I am 22 weeks today and our babies lives are so fragile and precious! I saw those big blue eyes and started to ball, so beautiful!”

“That is so incredibly beautiful. What a pair of little miracles. Wishing you all the happiness forever.”

“It’s amazing and wonderful – the gift of life…I admire the parents of the twins – for me they are heroes!”

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