Reprint Permissions Terms of Use is a non-profit service dedicated to spreading the truth concerning issues of life, family, and culture in our world today. Thus, LSN is free for personal and non-commercial use, as outlined below.

LSN would like to provide its articles free of charge to anyone. However, the substantial costs incurred in maintaining this news service requires that we charge a limited fee for professional use of original LSN articles.

Personal, Classroom and Non-Profit Use

LSN grants the right to print copies of an article for private use and to distribute to friends and family. LSN also encourages readers to e-mail articles to friends and family by using the “E-mail” feature located at the top-right of every article.

LSN also grants the right to print or republish its articles for limited single classroom situations and for inclusion in smaller non-profit organization websites, newsletters or bulletins. Such organizations would include pro-life, pro-family U.S. 501(c)(3) or other charitable or non-profit organizations and churches. Such organizations must first contact us, informing us of their intended use of LSN articles.

Website or Print Media Use

The reprint, re-use or redistribution of articles in full or large portion (more than 25%) on websites and in print media other than as noted above is strictly forbidden without the written permission of

LSN offers licensing agreements to news organizations allowing them to republish LSN articles in full. Websites, print publications or others required to pay a fee for reprinting or website publishing of LSN articles should contact [email protected] to discuss terms. LSN is willing to negotiate fees to ensure that all organizations wishing to use LSN articles will be able to do so.

Articles republished in full under such licensing agreements must attribute the article to the author and to

Any service that would generate revenue from the republishing of LSN articles must first obtain a licensing agreement before republishing.

Reprint, re-use or redistribution of portions of articles (not exceeding two paragraphs) is allowed free of charge provided the wording of the article is not changed in any way, and is clearly credited as the source for the article. Internet republication of partial LSN articles must include a link to the original article on, in addition to clear and prominent mention of as the article source.