Sofia Vazquez-Mellado

Horror: Violent mob of topless pro-abort feminists attacks praying men defending cathedral (VIDEO)

Sofia Vazquez-Mellado
By Sofia Vazquez-Mellado

Buenos Aires, December 2nd, 2013 ( – Extremely disturbing video footage from Argentina shows a mob of feminists at a recent protest attacking and sexually molesting a group of Rosary-praying Catholic men who were peacefully protecting the cathedral in the city of San Juan from threats of vandalism. 

The women, many of them topless, spray-painted the men’s crotches and faces and swastikas on their chests and foreheads, using markers to paint their faces with Hitler-like moustaches. They also performed obscene sexual acts in front of them and pushed their breasts onto their faces, all the while shouting “get your rosaries out of our ovaries.” (Note: Some of the most graphic content has been removed from the video. Uncensored footage is available here. Viewer discretion strongly advised.) 

According to InfoCatolica, some of the women chanted a song, with the lyrics: “To the Roman Catholic Apostolic Church, who wants to get between our sheets, we say that we want to be whores, travesties and lesbians. Legal abortion in every hospital.” 

During the attack some men were visibly weeping. None of them retaliated against the abuses heaped on them.

While the site of the protest was the front of the cathedral, InfoBae reports that "the whole city awoke to graffiti in favor of abortion."

Inside the cathedral, 700 people were also in prayer accompanied by their bishop Mos. Alfonso Delgado.

After unsuccessfully trying to get into the building, the women burned a human-sized effigy of Pope Francis. “If the pope were a woman, abortion would be legal,” they shouted.

The attack took place on Sunday, November 24th during the National Women’s Encounter, which annually brings together Argentinean feminists who support “women’s rights.”

The police reportedly told the media they were unable to intervene because “they are women." 

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The parish priest Fr. Rómulo Campora said to the Diario de Cuyo that “the burning of the image of Pope Francis is an offense, not just to the Church but to every Argentinean because the pope is Argentinean.”

Praising the men who defended the church, he said: “San Juan loves its God, loves its faith, loves its family.” 

He lamented the damage done to the cathedral and concluded that “if they don’t respect life, we can’t expect them to respect the buildings.” 

The National Women’s Encounter takes place every year in different Argentinean cities, sponsored by the Department of Culture as a “social interest” event. 

According to the Argentinean pro-life site, this is not the first time that the feminists wind up in public violence against churches and Catholics. 

In past protests, the cathedral of Bariloche, Paraná and Posadas have also suffered damages from these groups. 

“These encounters of women represent today’s civilization that seeks to impose it’s own rules,” reads the site. 

“On one side, they try to impose political agenda that international organizations dictate: population control, abortion, contraception, homosexualism. On the other side, they become barbaric in the most literal sense.” 

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Featured Image
Pope Francis greets the pilgrims during his weekly general audience in St Peter's square at the Vatican on January 15, 2014. Giulio Napolitano /
Steve Weatherbe

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Cardinals, archbishops, and even an African king urge Pope to defend the faith at the family synod

Steve Weatherbe

February 12, 2015 ( – Several cardinals and archbishops, numerous academics, and even an African king are joining an alliance of conservative, pro-family Catholic groups in a petition campaign asking Pope Francis to “clarify the growing confusion among the faithful” about the Church’s teaching on sexuality, and in particular, the sanctity of marriage and sinfulness of homosexual relations.

Among the over 90,000 signers are American Cardinal Raymond Burke, Chilean Cardinal Jorge Arturo Medina Estévez, Latvian Cardinal Janis Pujats, Archbishop Wolfgang Haas of Vaduz (Liechtenstein), and Archbishop Aldo di Cillo Pagotto of Paraíba (Brazil).

Among the groups gathering those signatures are the 30 worldwide pro-family and pro-life organizations operating under the name Voice of the Family, including LifeSiteNews and the UK’s Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC). The group formed in alarmed response to the apparent direction the 2014 Extraordinary Synod on the Family was taking.

Other signers to the petition include former U.S. senator and presidential hopeful Rick Santorum, and Kigeli V, Rwanda’s king in exile. Pro-life leaders to sign the petition include SPUC’s John Smeaton, LifeSiteNews co-founder John-Henry Westen, and the Pro-Life Action League’s Joseph Scheidler.

One of the American participants is TFP Student Action, part of Tradition, Family, Property, an international network of lay Catholic groups. “The forces of darkness are mobilizing against the Church,” John Ritchie of TFP Student Action told LifeSiteNews. “They see it as the last wall of defence for the family. Dissident Catholics want a French Revolution in the Catholic Church, they want to dismantle the essential truths of the faith.”

The petition is respectful to Pope Francis and avoids blaming him personally, attributing the confusion to statements emerging from the recent Extraordinary Synod on the Family.

The petition begins by delineating the threat posed by “the decades-long sexual revolution promoted by an alliance of powerful organizations, political forces and the mass media that consistently work against the very existence of the family.” Against this “onslaught” the Church’s teaching on the Sixth Commandment has stood as a “beacon of hope,” it continues.

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But now, because of the messages emanating from last year’s synod, “For millions of faithful Catholics, the beacon seems to have dimmed.” The messages have “spread widespread confusion” by suggesting the Church should bless homosexual unions and admit remarried divorcees to Holy Communion though both are “categorically condemned as being contrary to Divine and natural law.”

The petitioners therefore “implore” the Pope to clear up the confusion and tactfully instruct him on what is required by noting their “certainty that your word will never disassociate pastoral practice from the teaching bequeathed by Jesus Christ and his vicars – as this would only add to the confusion.”

On the Voice of the Family’s website, Dr. Gerard J. M. van den Aardweg, a Dutch psychologist and psychoanalyst, wrote that the disturbingly positive statements on homosexuality in the official report from the Extraordinary Synod issued at the halfway point were deliberately crafted to incite an approving response from the news media.

“The terrible truth,” wrote van den Aardweg, “is that the homosexuality-paragraphs of the Report did not disappoint them at all but wounded and confounded many ordinary Catholics and non-Catholics, including honestly Catholic people struggling with homosexual problems.”

LifeSiteNews has joined the coalition of groups promoting this petition to the pope. You can add your name by signing at LifeSiteNews’ petition platform here.

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Lisa Bourne


U.S. Bishops: Forget 50 Shades of Grey. Here’s 50 Hues of Holiness.

Lisa Bourne
By Lisa Bourne
Bishop Richard Malone

WASHINGTON, D.C., February 12, 2015 ( -- Catholic bishops in the U.S. are speaking out on the forthcoming movie Fifty Shades of Grey, encouraging people to look past the inappropriate film and keep their sights on God’s plan for romance and marriage.

The controversial movie based on the novel of the same name is set to open this weekend, and many have either called for a boycott or criticized it for its pornographic themes of sadomasochism and abuse of women.

Bishop Richard Malone, chairman of the USCCB’s Committee on Laity, Marriage, Family Life and Youth, responded to the film’s impending release with a message geared at educating on God’s design for man and woman.

“This is an opportunity for us to remind the faithful of the beauty of the Church’s teaching on the gift of sexual intimacy in marriage, the great dignity of women, and the moral reprehensibility of all domestic violence and sexual exploitation,” Bishop Malone wrote in a February 4 letter to his fellow bishops.

“The books and film, marketed as a romantic story, are a graphic portrayal of a young woman agreeing to be abused and degraded in a sexual relationship,” he told his brother bishops.

Along with making reference to USCCB resources on violence against women, exploitation of sex and violence in communications, and pornography, Bishop Malone informed the US Bishops about the National Center on Sexual Exploitation’s effort to combat the film’s damage and quoted the statement on the movie from the Religious Alliance Against Pornography (RAAP).

“The contrast between the message of Fifty Shades of Grey and God’s design for self-giving and self-sacrificing love, marriage and sexual intimacy could not be greater,” he said.

The RAAP announcement was signed by San Francisco Archbishop Emeritus George Niederauer, Arlington Bishop Paul Loverde, and Kansas City Archbishop Joseph Naumann, along with numerous other interfaith leaders. It said the books and movie undermine everything that the group believes as a faith community.

RAAP called on religious leaders to spread the word on the movie’s destructive message, and said it was critical to not just condemn the message of Fifty Shades of Grey, but also affirm God’s plan for marital relations between men and women.

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“It is equally important to celebrate our message about love and the blessing of sexual intimacy within the bonds of marriage,” RAAP stated. “We have a better story – let’s proclaim it.”

Individual bishops are taking steps to educate their flocks as well.

Cincinnati Archbishop Dennis Schnurr wrote to his priests on February 4 about the film.

“The movie is a direct assault on Christian marriage and on the moral and spiritual strength of God’s people,” Archbishop Schnurr told pastors. “We need to inform our people about the destructive message of this movie and to highlight the beauty of God’s design for loving relationships between a husband and a wife in the bond of marriage.”

San Angelo Bishop Michael Sis contributed a February 10 opinion piece on the movie for San Angelo LIVE, taking part in the RAAP campaign and encouraging readers to eschew Fifty Shades of Grey for the romance film Old Fashioned.

“Some people claim that pornography is a victimless vice. It is not,” the bishop said. “It undermines marriages, stunts the capacity for healthy relationships, diminishes productivity at work, and preys on human frailty and wounds.”  

The USCCB is also offering a positive alternative through its Marriage: Unique for a Reason initiative. A February 9 post on the program’s Facebook page highlights the Bishops’ 50 Hues of Holiness campaign, with 50 quotes from Scripture and USCCB material about light, marriage and love.

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Kazakhstan Bishop Athanasius Schneider
Bishop Athanasius Schneider

, ,

Bishop Schneider: You want to know how to combat the Gnostic errors flying through the Church? Here’s how.

Bishop Athanasius Schneider

As last year's portion of the synod progressed, I think a lot of Catholics were gobsmacked by the lack of leadership from the bishops in defense of traditional Church teaching on marriage, family, and sexuality. Cardinal Burke pushed back, obviously. Bishop Tobin made some interesting observations. We heard some encouraging things from Cardinal Napier and the Bishops Conference of Poland. 

But then the synod wrapped up and everyone went home. And suddenly came this voice from one of far corners of the earth - how many people in the Western world could find Kazakhstan on a map? - the voice of Bishop Athanasius Schneider. And it was a clear and courageous voice. He called the ideology found in the mid-synod relatio "heterodox" and "neo-pagan," and "a black mark which has stained the honour of the Apostolic See."

I was hearing from a lot of Catholics who were really upset about what was going on at the synod, and everyone was asking themselves and each other, "What do we do about this? What can we legitimately do?" I was prompted by a friend to reach out to Bishop Schneider, and was really gratified by his prompt and deeply thoughtful response. This man is a true shepherd of the Church, and cares deeply for souls, for the Eucharist, and for families.

Steve Skojec


Bishop Athanasius Schneider: Battling the New Gnosticism

It is a sad truth that we are in a time of great crisis in the Church. God is with us, however. You have asked me what the faithful can do to combat the errors spreading through the Church. I would like to answer with some suggestions:

We must create groups of true Catholics, scholars, families, and clergy who will spread courageously the full Catholic truth, especially on the Church’s teachings on the family, on nature, and the commandments of God.

As a means to this aim, we must make use of all the resources that the modern world offers to us. We are not confined to waiting for the media to spread these messages. We do not have to wait for each individual pastor to preach them from the pulpit. We should embrace the new media forms that allow us to spread the Gospel and the teachings of our Holy Mother, the Church. We should take our message to the Internet, publish it on websites, blogs, and social media.

But we must not forget to engage with our fellow Catholics in more traditional ways. We should organize conferences and symposiums on a scholarly level. We should use these to create publications, papers, and books that can be used as a reference and broaden our discussion.

We should also create a movement of Catholic families, of “domestic churches”, to witness, defend and spread the integral faith and the teaching on family, marriage, and the order of nature.

We must, at this dangerous time, be courageous in illuminating the truly Gnostic and revolutionary character of the “Kasper agenda,” demonstrating the continuity of the Divine doctrine on marriage and its practice throughout the two thousand years of the history of our Church. We should inspire the faithful with examples of holy husbands, families, children, and teenagers. We should demonstrate, on the one side, the real beauty of a marital, family, or single life in chastity and fidelity. On the other side, we must point to the demonstrated ugliness, unhappiness, and schizophrenia of a life against the divinely-established order.

To give hope to those who are struggling, it is important for us to give examples of repentant Catholics from the past and present time. Those who converted from their sinful life in adultery, divorce, or sodomy.

To address the errors currently being spread, true Catholic husbands, families and single persons must write to the pope, to the their bishops, and to the competent dicasteries of the Roman Curia, notifying them of heretical, semi-heretical, or Gnostic pronouncements of ecclesiastical persons or events with such an agenda which are being promoted though ecclesiastical persons or groups.

These are all means of education and formation. But the battle we are fighting is against more than ignorance. It is against principalities and powers. It cannot succeed unless we organize a great national and international net of prayer through Eucharistic adoration, pilgrimages, solemn Masses, intercessional and penitential processions with themes such as “The Holiness of Family and Marriage,” “The Call to Chastity,”  “The Beauty and Happiness of a Chaste Life,” “The Imitation of Christ in Family Life,” and “Expiation for the Sins Against Family and Marriage.”

Perhaps most fundamental of all, we should pray fervently that God may give to His Church holy bishops and holy popes. Such a prayer should be prayed especially by children, because the prayer of the innocent ones penetrates heaven like no other.

Bishop Schneider's comments were originally featured at OnePeterFive, and are reprinted here with permission.

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