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Justice Willie Brennan, abortion, and the dereliction of Congress’s duty

Gregory J. Sullivan has written a valuable article for the Witherspoon Institute on the influence of U.S. Supreme Court Justice William Brennan, jr. upon American jurisprudence – especially on abortion and the “right to privacy” that paved the way. Guided by the idea of a “living constitution,” Brennan made his own singular contributions to crafting a constitutional and cultural revolution in the United States from his bench on the nation’s highest court. Sullivan’s analysis of Brennan’s legacy is prompted by a new biography of Brennan, Justice Brennan: Liberal Champion, by Seth Stern and Stephen Wermiel. The authors write that Brennan […]

How dare you as a man…

The poisonous ripple effect that spreads out from the violence of abortion touches the lives of many people, and not just the woman.