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Vatican and FBI: Two interesting partners in smearing Latin Mass Catholics

On this week's episode of Faith & Reason, John-Henry Westen and Liz Yore provide the latest news and up-to-date reaction on the FBI memo targeting 'radical' Latin Mass Catholics, the Synod on Synodality, the pressure on African bishops to support the decriminalization of sodomy, and Hungary standing up to European Union globalists and their radical pro-LGBT agenda.
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African Children KILLED Refusing Exploitation from the King

African Children are being killed when refusing exploration from the king. Why is this happening and why isn’t the Vatican saying anything about it? Faithful African bishops like Archbishop of Kampala, Paul Ssemogerere, are the last Catholic warriors standing against the worldwide push for pro-LGBT sodomy laws. As Africa upholds traditional family values and traditional marriage, pro-sodomy activists in the Vatican are pushing even harder to impose the progressive LGBT agenda on these communities. Watch the full show here: FAITH-BASED FINANCIAL INVESTING IS HERE! CHECK IT OUT! FIGHT FOR THE CULTURE OF LIFE ASAP! SHOP ALL YOUR FUN AND FAVORITE LIFESITE MERCH! Follow us […]