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EXCLUSIVE: New Knoxville Planned Parenthood security video casts doubt on FBI case against pro-lifer

First published by LifeSiteNews, new surveillance video footage from the Knoxville Planned Parenthood security cameras casts serious doubt into the FBI’s arson case against pro-lifer Mark Reno. Most shockingly, FBI Special Agent Thomas Calhoon’s affidavit omits key details about the arsonist’s truck, which CCTV security footage now shows could not have been Reno’s car. HELP US FIGHT THE LIES OF THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA AND SPREAD THE TRUTH AROUND THE WORLD: SHOP YOUR FAVORITE PRECIOUS METALS WITH LIFESITENEWS: SHOP ALL YOUR FUN AND FAVORITE LIFESITE MERCH!  Connect with us on social media: LifeSite: John-Henry Westen: