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The acquital of Stéphan Dufour is not an assisted suicide precedent for Quebec.

Yesterday, the acquital of Stéphan Dufour for assisting the suicide of his uncle Chantal Maltais, was unanimously upheld by three judges on the Quebec Court of Appeal. The Quebec court of appeal judges correctly stated: “assisted suicide is a specific intent crime and the Crown had to prove the accused had the intent to cause the death of his uncle. The judges noted Dufour didn’t want his uncle to die and his limited intellectual capacities prevented him from resisting to pressures from Maltais any longer.” Assisted suicide is dealt with under section 241 of the criminal code of Canada. Assisted […]

Tiny pro-life activist making big waves

When 12-year-old Lia Mills decided to tackle the topic of abortion for a grade 7 speech project in February 2009, neither she nor her family had any idea what lay in store for them.