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PRI and Stephen Mosher should receive an award for exceptional report on CRS Madagascar scandals

The conclusions at the end of the Population Research Institute's 119-page report on Catholic Relief Services scandals in Madagascar are very frank. The matter is obviously far too serious for PRI to beat around the bush and exercise false diplomacy. For me, reading the PRI report and our series of articles on the issue made my blood boil. Any conscientious, sincere Christian, after reading this report, would be hard-pressed to also not be angry at such scandal not only being allowed, but also continuing to be shamelessly denied and defended. PRI has done an incredibly thorough job of documenting its […]

Counterfeit Catholics

Catholics for Choice (CFC) and Catholic Relief Services (CRS) share a cruel tactic in common: Both organizations thrive on distorting what the Catholic Church teaches in order to pursue less than laudable goals.