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Dr. Trozzi: ‘We are in the fight of our lives’

Canceled trauma physician and medical instructor Dr. Mark Trozzi is sounding the alarm about the current state of medicine and the threats to human freedom that endanger every aspect of our way of life. Fortunately, medical freedom fighters like Dr. Trozzi and Dr. Peter McCullough are pushing back, exposing the real medical data about the harms perpetrated upon the global populace in the name of combatting COVID-19. Heroic medical physicians like Dr. Trozzi are leading others to the truth by raising awareness of what has been done to the world. Watch now as LifeSiteNews co-founder Steve Jalsevac goes one-on-one with […]

COVID vaccine may cause long-term heart damage, even in people with no symptoms

Japanese researchers said they found evidence of long-term heart damage in people who received COVID-19 vaccines – including in asymptomatic patients. The findings contradict claims by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that most people who develop myocarditis following COVID-19 vaccines experience symptoms but 'feel better quickly.'