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Evolution: The false science enabling the globalists | Hugh Owen

Hugh Owen, Catholic author and director of the Kolbe Center for the Study of Creation, delivered a critical message at the 2023 Rome Life Forum, describing how the false science of evolution has enabled both the modernists within the Catholic Church and the globalists on the world stage to subvert the pillars of western civilization. Owen argues that the widespread acceptance of evolutionary theory as truth provides both cover and justification for the rapid move away from Biblical values and the authentically Catholic worldview that has shaped society for centuries. Join Owen now to discover how only real education about […]

‘God made from one every nation of men’: Exploding the evolutionary myth of creation-based racism, Pt 5

If a Westerner takes the trouble to listen to black Africans, especially in Africa, as they reflect on their present and future in the light of their past, he will doubtless be amazed to discover how deeply religious and traditional Africans remain, in spite of the relentless promotion of Western secular humanist ideas through foreign NGO’s and the mass media